How can I apply for exemption from tuition fees on grounds of disability?

Please submit a short written application (e.g. by e-mail) to the head of the degree programme including proof of a degree of disability of at least 50% (either disability card of the Federal Social Welfare Office, notification of increased family allowance). The application for exemption needs to be   made only once for the entire course of study.

Does the fact that I am receiving a study allowance or maintenance grant mean that I am exempted from tuition fees?

No. Tuition fees also have to be paid in this case. Information about possible grants can be found on the website of the student grant authority.

Can I apply for exemption from tuition fees if I am employed?

No. Tuition fees also have to be paid in this case.
If I am employed, is it possible for the tuition fees to be deducted from income tax ?

Is there a social scaling of tuition fees?

Can I be exempted from tuition fees because of maternity leave if I do not interrupt my studies?

No. If you are active as a full student during maternity leave then you are required to pay tuition fees. If you interrupt your studies then for this period, tuition fees do not have to be paid.
Is it possible to have the invoice for my tuition fees made payable by my employer?

No. Since it is the student who enters the educational contract, the invoice will be issued in the name of the student.
Is it possible to pay the tuition fees in instalments?

This is not possible for organizational reasons.
When is the final deadline for payment of tuition fees?

We ask for immediate payment of the tuition fees on receiving the invoice. The final deadline for payment for winter term is 31.10. and for summer term 31.03. If no payment has been received by 31.10. / 31.03. this will result in your deregistration from your degree course.  Should you wish to take an examination in the period from 1.-31.10. or 1.-31.3. then the tuition fees must be paid no later than 5 working days before the exam.
Can I take exams or use FH-OÖ services (e.g. access to learning platforms) if I have not yet paid the tuition fees?

No. This requires payment of the tuition fees.
If I interrupt my studies for several semesters, do I have to reapply each semester for exemption from tuition fees?

No. A single request together with notification of the duration of interruption is sufficient.

For third-country nationals who have a close relationship to Austria according to the provisions governing admission of certain groups of students, the tuition fee is not EUR €726.72 but EUR €363.36 as is the case for E.U. citizens. Who can I contact if I have further questions relating to this topic?

The Legal Department of the FH OÖ (recht@fh-ooe.at) is available in an advisory capacity to third country nationals who are affected by this regulation (e.g. regarding documentation needed as proof of the close relationship).

Austrian Law: Groups of persons