FAQ FH OÖ Electives

We have collected some information for you here:

Do I get ECTS points for the courses?
You can attend the courses and take an exam, then of course you will receive ECTS points. For each course you will find the number of ECTS credits and an indication of the examination mode.

Do I have to take an exam?
You can also take part in the electives without taking a final exam. You won't receive any ECTS, but you can of course keep the knowledge you've learned!

Will the ECTS from the electives be credited towards my studies?
It's best to talk to your degree program office about whether and how you can have these ECTS credited as an elective subject/elective subject for your studies.

Where are the electives offered?
Those courses that are offered as face-to-face courses can take place at our locations in Hagenberg, Linz, Steyr and Wels. You will find the planned location for each course.

Is there also an online offer?
Yes, of course! Many of the courses are either offered purely online via MS Teams or take place in a hybrid form (face-to-face and online). You will find the details given for each course.

What can I do if there is a scheduling conflict?
The course times for the electives were set at the edge of the day in order to avoid overlaps with other courses as much as possible. Unfortunately, with a comprehensive range of courses on offer, it can still happen that scheduling conflicts occur. Talk to the speaker about whether an individual participation solution is possible. Otherwise, we can only advise that you switch to another interesting course.

In which language do the courses take place?
Most courses are held in German. There is also an English-language offering. The language in which the course is held can be found in the course description in the LVA catalog.

How can I sign up?
Once you have made a selection, you can register for the desired course using the registration form. If you would like to attend multiple courses, please fill out one form for each (one form per course).

Unfortunately I can't take part. How can I unsubscribe?
If you would like to deregister from a course, please simply write an email to electives@fh-ooe.at. Don’t forget to inform your degree program office about this too.

Do I have to pay an extra tuition fee for Electives?
No, you can use the offer as part of your studies and do not have to pay extra for it.

Is the offer only available to active FH students?
As a rule, the courses are attended by active students. If you are already a graduate or you know someone who is interested in the offer, then contact us and we will find a solution!