FH Upper AustriaUniversity of Applied Sciences

Admission Procedure

Each year a fixed number of places based on the specific criteria will be offered in each degree programme at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. In principle it is possible to apply for up to two programmes at the same time (priority 1 or 2). The degree programmes offered at the FH Upper Austria have been greatly expanded in recent years so if you fulfil the requirements there is a good chance of being accepted.

The potential tests and interviews will be held on specified dates at each campus, the allocation of the dates and the notification is done after receipt of the application. To avoid personal scheduling problems early application is recommended.

Admissions Procedure Bachelor's Degree

For the bachelor's degree programmes an interview and possibly a potential test is required. 

Potential Test

The test is of a general nature and does not require any specialised knowledge. For multiple applications a potential test only has to be completed once.


For all degree programmes at the university a personal interview is required for which a written invitation is sent out.
Notification: you will be informed concerning the outcome of the interview and the result of the potential test.

Allocation of Student Places

The allocation of places at the university takes place after the completion of the admission procedure after the final ranking.

Ranking criteria: The ranking criteria for the offer of places is based on  - depending on the degree programme – school grades, potential testing, personal interviews and possibly submitted own work. Use and weighting of the components of these parameters may vary depending on the degree programme.

Admissions Procedure Master's Degree

For a Master's programmes an interview is to be completed and possibly a case study or a letter of motivation is required: The ranking criteria for the award of study places in the Master's degree programmes is based on the personal interview, academic qualifications, professional experience, and possibly a case-study. The use and the weighting of the components of these parameters may vary depending on the degree programme.

Repeated Participation in the Admissions Procedure

Repeated participation in the admissions procedure for a degree programme - e.g. in the following year - is generally permitted. The results of the potential tests are relevant only for the application in the current year. With a renewed application in the following year usually the admissions process also has to be completed again. In each case a new application is required.