FH Upper AustriaUniversity of Applied Sciences

Degree-Seeking Students

At the FH Upper Austria, most of the degree programmes are taught in German. Students seeking admission to one of the German taught degree programmes require excellent command of German (at least B2 according to the European framework of reference for languages) in addition to fulfilling the standard entry requirements.

The FH Upper Austria also offers some degree programmes that are taught in English throughout. Applicants for English taught degree programmes are required to submit an English Certificate (IELTS, TOEFL) together with their application.

Applications for both German and English taught degree programmes can be submitted online.

Entry requirements

Bachelor’s degree programmes:

  • "A"-Level / high school diploma (or equivalent)

Master’s degree programmes:

  • Successful completion of at least a 6 semester specialised relevant Bachelor’s degree or a comparable higher education at university level (min 180 ECTS) at a recognized post-secondary institution

For special prerequisite requirements and recognition of previous qualifications please refer to the degree programme you are applying for. 

Application procedure

It is possible to apply for up to 2 degree programmes at the FH Upper Austria. When applying for more than one degree programme, it is important that candidates indicate the priority each application has (1 = top priority).  The application will be sent to the top priority degree programme.

Applicants for Bachelor's degree programmes will be invited to an interview and an entrance test.  Master's degree programmes require an interview and/or a case study. You will be notified about the results once available.
If it is not possible to offer you a place on your first-choice degree programme, we will automatically forward your application to the degree programmes which you have nominated as your second or third choice.



* this does not apply to: Information Engineering and -Management and Social Work.

Application deadlines for international degree-seeking students can vary across the different study programmes and might therefore be earlier than the general ones! You will find those deadlines on the homepage of the according study programme.

Master's degree programme

Plant Construciton30.06.
Automation Engineering30.06.
Automotive Mechatronics and Management30.06. (For Non-EU applicants: 30.05.)
Applied Technologies for Medical Diagnostics30.06.
Civil Engineering30.06.
Bio- and Environmental Technology30.06.
Accounting, Controlling and Financial Management30.06.
Data Science and Engineering30.06.
Digital Arts30.06.
Digitales Business Management30.06.
Digital Transport- and Logistics-Management30.06.
Embedded Systems Design30.06.
Electrical Engineering30.06. (For Non-EU applicants: 30.05.)
Energy Informatics30.06. (For Non-EU applicants: 31.03.)
Mechanical Engineering30.06.
Materials and Process Engineering30.06.
Healthcare-, Social- and Public Management30.06.
Global Sales and Marketing30.06. (For Non-EU applicants: 31.05.)
Human-Centered Computing (nur für EU-BewerberInnen)30.06.
Information Engineering and Management31.05.
Information Security Management30.06.
Innovation and Product Management30.06. (For Non-EU applicants: 30.05.)
Interactive Media30.06. (For Non-EU applicants: 31.03.)
Communication and Knowldge Media30.06.
Food Technology and Nutrition30.06.
Lightweight and Composite Materials30.06.
Mechatronics and Business Management30.06.
Medical Engineering30.06. (For Non-EU applicants: 31.03.)
Mobile Computing30.06. (For Non-EU applicants: 31.03.)
Operations Management30.06.
Robotic Systems Engineering30.06.
Secure Information Systems30.06.
Software Engineering30.06.
Supply Chain Management30.06.
Sustainable Energy Systems30.06. (For Non-EU applicants: 30.05.)
Social Work31.05.