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How to use the library and the library rules


The most important information can be found in our infofolder as well!

Search engine/Research/Inventory (Print and E-Media)

Searching for Media in the library search engine (PRIMO)

All of the FH OÖ library inventory is searchable through the library search engine.
Always sign-in with your FH log-in to have access to our Online Resources all at once, wherever you are.
The log-in enables you to access all Online-Resources also from outside the University.

Use "Catalog" to find:

  • Our print media (Books, Journals, Theses)
  • Licensed E-Books
  • Licensed E-Journals

Use "Catalog Plus" to find:

  • Our print media (Books, Journals, Theses)
  • Licensed E-Books
  • Licensed E-Journals
  • Full texts (e.g. articles) from our databases
  • Free Open Access Sources

Master-/Bachelor Theses in the library search engine

All approbated and not restricted Master and Bachelor theses are searchable through the search engine.
You can search for a topic or study program (full wording) and limit your search on the lower right hand side: “Form” -> “Hochschulschrift” to filter only master and bachelor theses.
By selecting "Collections" on the main page of the search engine you can check out the theses sorted by study program.
MA/BA theses are only available in print format and can be borrowed.

Print-Journals in the library search engine

Print-Journals starting from year 2021 can be borrowed for 1 week.
Older print-Journals are held in the "Magazin" and can be ordered via the search engine. They can be borrowed for 4 weeks.
To scan articles we have a book scanner and a normal scanner available.

E-Journals in the library search engine

E-Journals and their articles are searchable in "Catalog Plus" in the search engine and can be downloaded via the respective database.
Use the filter options on the right hand sind of the PRIMO search engine to filter your search results.

E-Books in the library search engine

On the right hand side of the search engine you can filter E-Books: “Medium” -> “E-Books”
There is no lending involved, you can download the E-Books and keep your copy.


Electronic media (E-Books, E-Journals etc.) are searchable through the PRIMO search engine, but separate databases contain the fulltexts of the books and articles. You can search in the respective database directly as well, but please note that you are only searching in this one database and not our full inventory. A list of all databases and the direct link can be found here. A list of our E-Book databases can be found here.

Requesting/reserving media via PRIMO

All media can be requested/reserved in the library search engine. Please click “Sign in to request” to reserve the medium.
Please note the return date when reserving borrowed media.
Available items can also be requested and are ready for pick up in one working day.  Orders received outside of office hours will be processed on the next open day.
You can of course independently borrow items from the reading room shelves during opening hours, no order required.

As soon as it the requested/reserved media is ready for pick up you will get an E-Mail notification.
The medium is available for pick up for 7 days at the self-service pick up station at the library.

Guest readers: Please request/reserve media via E-Mail.

In the library

Finding books in the library

There are two “Standorte” (locations) possible:

Lesesaal” (library) = the medium is located at the library and free for you to take out
Magazin” (archive) = the medium is located at the library archive and has to be ordered

Ordering Magazin media is possible through the search engine or with the library staff.
The media will be ready for you within one weekday at the self-service pick up station at the library.

Every book has its own call number, which indicates where the book can be found in the shelves.
In the search engine you can find this number by looking at "Description".

Example: QP 700 H239 (2) -1 +2

QP 700 = Thematic section and subgroup
H239 = Name of the author (alphanumeric abbreviation defines the order in which the book is put within the specialist group)
(2) -1 +2 = (Edition) -Volume +Copy

Finding master/bachelor theses in the library

MA/BA theses starting from year 2017 are available directly at the library and can be borrowed for 1 week.
All older theses must be ordered from the “Magazin” (archive) and can be borrowed for 4 weeks.

In the library search engine please read the “Details”. There you can see the study program and year of the thesis. This is how you can find your needed thesis in the shelves.

Physical Workspace and behaviour in the library

The library offers 27 work and studyplaces (with and without PCs), which can be used during the opening hours. A part of the desks can be moved into a group working space, but we ask to maintain a quiet working atmosphere.
For louder group work there are spaces available in the other floors of the FH III building. To keep your valuables safe there are 15 lockers directly in the library. 

The library and its working space are used for study. All users are asked to maintain a quiet and considerate atmosphere. Keep your devices in a quiet setting and don't telephone inside the library.
Please don't bring bigger bags, trolleys or backpacks inside the library. You can use our lockers to keep them safe. Eating whole meals, food with a strong odor or food that generally interferes with the operation of the library, as well as taking beverages into the library without a cap, is not permitted. The lid of beverage containers must be resealable and must always be closed during transport and storage.

Scanning of printed resources - Bookscanner

To make high quality scans of print books/journals, the library offers a book scanner. USB Sticks can be borrowed at the library office.
Please note the Austrian Copyright Act: § 42a states that the digital copy may merely be used for research purposes or private and other personal use.  § 42g allows to make the digital copy publicly available with a restricted group for teaching and educational purpose. This authorization does not apply to publications intended for use in classrooms or schools (text books). Using the digital copy for pursuing commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Using the library inventory

We ask you to use the library inventory with care. Markings and notes inside books are not allowed. If a book is damaged when borrowing, please let the library staff know. Items that are lost or damaged whilst borrowed have to be replaced by the library user. 

Good to know

You can borrow headsets for the use in the library (during office hours)
At the library front desk you can get free Earplugs (for everyone who needs absolute quiet!)


Lending, Self-Service, Returning, Prolonging

Picking up reserved media at the self-service pick up station

To pick up your media click “Pick up” at the terminal. Type in your ID-Number (Student/Staff-ID or Guest user ID)
The designated box opens, please take your medium and close the box.
The medium is now booked on your account automatically, you can take it with you.

Lending periods

The lending period can be found by clicking on your needed medium and looking under the point "Policy" 

In the Campus Steyr library the following lending periods apply:

28 days =  Books, media with the location "Magazin"

7 days = MA/BA thesis (Location: Lesesaal), Journals

Lending and returning media

Option 1: Self-service desk

Choose “Checkout” and type in your ID-Number.
Put your media on the white shelve and wait for the titles to appear on the screen.
As soon as all titles are successfully booked, choose “Print” to get a confirmation.

Choose “Checkin”, put your media on the white shelve and wait for the titles to appear on the screen. As soon as all titles are successfully booked, choose “Print” to get a confirmation.
Please put the returned media on the red book trolley.

Option 2: Library staff
During the office hours lending and returning is of course also possible with the library staff

Option 3: Returning media via the book return box
At the right hand side of the main entrance to FH III a book return box is available. The returned media will be booked for you on the next day.

Option 4: Lending and returning media via mail order (post)

Mail order

Registered library users who can't come to the library directly have the option to have media sent to them via mail (post).

Please order any media you need via PRIMO, and provide your current adress.

Currently FH Upper Austria students and staff don't have to pay for postage.

Renewing media

Renewing the lending period of media is possible 4 times via the personal account accessible through the library search engine.
The last possible date to renew by yourself online is the return date.

Renewing is not possible:

  • when the due date has already passed
  • when there is a reservation on the book
  • when there are open overdue fines

It is possible to prolong media via E-Mail more often, as long as there is no reservation.

Media is prolonged automatically unless a reservation has been placed. If this is the case we ask you to return the medium.


Reminders, fines and Data protection

Reminders and overdue fines

5 days before the return date a reminder E-Mail is sent to you via E-Mail. After that another four reminders follow after the return date has passed.

The overdue fines for Students are € 0,10 / medium and day, starting with the second overdue day.
Fines can be paid in cash with the library staff or via card at the self service desk (max. up to 25 €). 

Paying overdue or inter library loan fines

Option 1: self-service desk
You can pay your fines with bank card at the self-service desk.
Please choose “pay fee” and type in your ID-Number or scan your ID-Card (when activated at the library office). Hold your bank card to the designated reader to pay.

Option 2: with the library staff
You can pay your fines in cash during the office hours

Data protection

  1. The following personal data of our library users are processed: name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address, gender, study programme/registration number, items borrowed/deadlines/fees, campus/location etc.. This is required for the administration of the library. Personal data is recorded in the library system and processed for the administration of media (procurement, borrowing, returns, reminders etc.).  The data are transferred to the Austrian Library Network and Service Ltd, Vienna/Austria (OBVSG), which hosts the library system.

  2. We save personal data at least for the duration of your studies and/or your employment at the FH Upper Austria and for longer if necessary in accordance with point (f) of Article 6(1) of the GDPR, to enable us to access the relevant student/employee’s borrowing history to provide them with information. Personal data of external users are deleted 3 years after their last activity.

  3. You can find further information – in particular concerning the rights of data subjects – in our Privacy Statement under

If you have any questions please contact the library staff!