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How to use the library

General Information

Lending periods:

Status „entlehnbar“: 4 weeks (general inventory)

Status „eingeschränkt entlehnbar“: 5 workdays (BA/MA Theses, bound journal vol.)

Status „nicht entlehnbar“:only usable in the library (Print-Journals)

Location „Magazin“: 4 weeks (BA Theses 2011, MA Theses until 2009, CDRoms/DVDs)

Renewing books:

Renewing the lending period of books is possible three times via the personal account accessible through the Library Search Engine

Renewing is not possible:

·        when the due date has already passed

·        when there is a reservation on the book

·        when there are open overdue fines

It is possible to prolong books via E-Mail more often, as long as there is no reservation on the book.


One week before the return date of books with the status 'entlehnbar' a reminder E-Mail is sent to you via E-Mail. After that another three reminders follow after the return date has passed.

The overdue fines are € 0,10 / book and day overdue and have to be payed in cash at the library office.

Borrowed books / available books:

Green dot / „Verfügbar“ -> book is available and in the shelf

Red dot / „Derzeit nicht verfügbar“ -> book is borrowed


Borrowed books can be reserved via the OPAC. After the return they are put on hold at the library office for 7 weekdays.

MA/BA theses in the library:

BA Arbeiten until incl. Year 2010 – not available

BA Arbeiten of the Year 2011 - Magazin (order via OPAC)

BA Arbeiten starting from Year 2012 - Library

MA Arbeiten until incl. Year 2009 - Magazin (order via OPAC)

MA Arbeiten starting from Year 2010 - Library

Call numbers in the shelves:

Every book has its own call number, which indicates where the book can be found in the shelves.
Example: QP 700 H239 (2) -1 +2

QP -> General Business Administration
QP 410 bis QP 780 -> Structures of a company
QP 700 -> Investment and Finance, General

Word order:
H239 -> Last name of the first author

(2) -> 2nd Edition

-1 -> 1st Volume

Multiple Copies:
+2 -> 2nd Copy

External Users (Guest readers)

The library is open for the public.

If you want to use the library you are obligated to attend a approx. 20 minute long introductory instruction about the library and how to use our facilities.

Please let us know at least one day in advance when you would like to come, we don't provide on the spot instructions.

Please bring: € 15 caution money for the library card and a valid photo identification.

Minimum age for signing up is 18 years.