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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The library in general (usage, library card...)

1. Do I need a library card to borrow books?

As a student of the FH Upper Austria, you just need your valid student ID-Card to be able to borrow books.

Just if you want to use our self-service-desk you need a library card. (Deposit: € 10 - you get it back if you return your library card)
NOTE: You just need the card to borrow books at the self-service-desk - you don't need one for returning!

External users need a library card, which is issued at the registration.You have to make an appointment with the librarian for registration.

2. I lost my library card. What can I do now?

You can still borrow books without a library card. (See point 1) - You do loose your € 10 deposit, tough.

3. How do I borrow / return books via the self-service desk?

  • To borrow books via the self-service desk you need a library card (€ 10 deposit)
  • It is possible to return books without a library card.
  • Pre-ordered books can only be returned at the library office


1. I am not a student of the University of Applied Sciences and want to become a library user.

Please refer to the library staff for more information:


1. Is the OPAC accessible from everywhere?

YES! You just need a working internet connection and you can start with your research!

2. How do I know if a book is available (using the OPAC)?

Search for the book in the OPAC.
Green point/Available at…= the book is available on the shelf
Red point/Checked out from… = the book is currently borrowed

3. What does "entlehnbar", "nicht entlehnbar" or "eingeschr. entl." mean?

entlehnbar = you can borrow the book/medium for 4 weeks

nicht entlehnbar = you can just use this book/medium inside the library

eingeschr. entl. = you can borrow this book/medium for 5 workdays. (e.g. theses)

Be careful: Always check if the book has a return date! (See point 3)

4. What does "Magazin" mean?

A medium with this note has been relocated to a magazine (because of lack of space) Just ask the library staff (in person or per E-Mail: to get it for you. (Waiting time is usually about 10 minutes)

5. What does e.g. "ST-C40Amb" mean? 

This is the so called signature of a book/medium:

"ST" is the code for the Steyr library (WE = Wels, HA = Hagenberg, LI = Linz)

"C40Amb" (e.g.) is the place where you find the book/medium in the shelf. Section C40 (check the shelves for the sections) , Amb (=first three letters of the last name of the authour)

6. I need more/other literature, which I can't find in the FH Upper Austria OPAC. / I can't find any literature concerning a specific topic!

Check our Inter-library-loan service.


1. Where can I find the e-books?

Use the OPAC for research - all e-books are marked with "E-Ressource". Klick on the button "Volltext" (Fulltext) and you can use the e-book.

2. How can I read/download e-books?

  • You need a PC/Laptop/Smartphone connected to the IP-Range (W-LAN) of the university!
  • There is no external access to the e-books, so use the W-LAN of the university for your research.

3. Is there a possibility to search JUST for e-books in the OPAC?

Yes. After you typed in your keyword and klicked the "Suchen"-Button, there is a red sign called "Nur E-Ressourcen" (meaning "Just E-Resources") on the right hand side of the window. Klick on in and you get a list of all e-books featuring your keyword.

Lending period, prolonging of books

1. How long can I lend books/media?

The regular lending period for students of the university is 4 weeks.

This does not apply for:

  • Books/media with the loan status "eingeschr. entl." (5 workdays)
  • Books/media with the loan status "nicht entlehnbar" (just available for use inside the library)
  • E-Books (downloading is available)

2. How can I prolong my lending period?

There are two ways to prolong your lending period:

  • Your personal account at the OPAC (see "Mein Konto") (prolonging is possible for two times = 4 weeks each)
  • Per E-Mail:

NOTE: prolonging is not possible when:

  • the return date has been exeeced (effective for online-prolonging)
  • when there is a reservation for the book (effective for both online and e-mail prolonging)

Reservations, Inter Library Loan pick-ups

1. I have made an reservation for a book/medium. When can I pick it up?

You get an automatic e-mail, as soon as your book/medium is available. 
Note: The return date displayed is no guranty that the book/medium is actually returned at this date. (The borrower can overdraw his/her return date!)

Beginning with the day you receive the automatic e-mail, the book/medium is provided for one week. You can pick it up at the library office.

2. I ordered an inter-library loan book/medium. When and where can I pick it up? 

As soon as the book/medium is available, you get an e-mail.

Collection location is the library office. All fees have to be paid in cash when you pick up the book/medium.


1. Can I borrow print-journals?

Just bound volumes can be borrowed. (5 workdays)

All loose journals are not available for lending and can be scanned inside the library.

2. Where can I find a list with all the print-journals available?

Please follow this link for a detailed description.

3.  I need a journal that is not available in print. What can I do? 

Check our Electronic Journals Database. We have over 17.000 electronically licenced journals!
If you still can't find the journal that you are looking for, ask the library staff (bibliothek (at) to find out the next steps.

(Research-) Trainings

1. I have problems with my research/I want to know more about the librarys databases and how to do scientific research in general!

Every semester we provide one research training in English. There will be an E-Mail sent out in advance.
Note: If you can't attend at this date, we are happy to provide other dates for groups with a minimum of 5 people. Contact


1. Are there reminder-/overdue notices?

One week before the expire-date of your books/medias, you receive a reminder-e-mail ("Erinnerung" in german).

After the expire date you get three overdue notices.

Note that you can not prolong media as soon as the return date has expired. You have to return the media or contact the library staff for advice.