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Current Information regarding the Campus Steyr library

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 until 12:00 book pick ups (after ordering) and returns are possible.
More information can be found down below.
Upcoming days: 4.6., 9.6., 16.6., 18.6., 23.6., 25.6., 30.6.

The library itself, as well as the workspaces are currently not open to the public.
The library staff is available via E-Mail: 

The lending period of all media will be automatically prolonged until June 12th 2020.
Media that has been reserved for other students has to be returned.

The Library clearance is communicated directly to the study program. You don't have to ask for it at the library.
BA/MA exam candidates have to return all media at the latest a week after the last exam.

Picking up media is only possible with an order placed via E-mail:
Orders can only be placed until the day before the pick-up day.
All later orders can only be picked up on the next open day.
The media will be given to the orderer without contact at the main entrance of the FH III building.
Compulsory information needed in the E-Mail:

Author, Title of the book, CALL NUMER of the book (e.g. ST-SR 800 J63)
Time you will pick up your order.
Picking up is only possible on the stated days with a time given and when entering alone.
Please check if the book is available (red/green dot).

Returning of media is possible via the book return box during the stated days and times above.
The book return box will be placed outside of the main entrance to the FH III building.
Returning media is also possible via post: FH Campus Steyr, Bibliothek, Wehrgrabengasse 1-3, 4400 Steyr

SHIPPING via post
Students who have a long journey to the FH or who are part of the COVID-19 risk groups are eligible for free shipping. Attention: Post service can take longer currently.

Compulsory information needed in the E-Mail:
Author, Title of the book, CALL NUMER of the book (e.g. ST-SR 800 J63)
Please check if the book is available (red/green dot)
Current Address

Single chapters/pages/articles which are only available in print form can be scanned and sent via E-Mail.
The maximum amount of scans are around 25 pages and can be provided within the scope of copyright law.
This service should only be used in very important/time sensitive circumstances. Otherwise, please use the services above.
Compulsory information needed in the E-Mail: Title, author, call number if applicable, PAGE NUMBERS.

Online Resources
Currently the FH OÖ libraries and the different publishers are providing many additional resources and services.

All information regarding the different resources are listed on the database site.
The list is expanded and updated regularly.

Library Search Engine

With the library search engine you are able to research the whole range of media available from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, including physical books, journals, E-Books, E-Journals and Master-/Bachelor Theses!



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