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The library of University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Steyr, is a public academic library and offers key services for students and research staff as well as alumni and the public.

The main focus of the library inventory lies on the topics of the Steyr Campus study programs (i.e. accounting, controlling, financial management, global sales and marketing, logistics, electronic business, production, process management,...)

The inventory numbers:
~ 24.000 books, ~ 40.000 E-Books, ~ 70 print journals and ~17.000 electronic journals

Facilities: 16 workplaces (7 PC workplaces, 9 free workplaces), 2 research PCs (standing desks), 2 printers/copiers/scanners, 1 book scanner

The library is located on the 1st floor of the FH I building.

Library Search Engine

With the library search engine you are able to research the whole range of media available from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, including physical books, journals, E-Books, E-Journals and Master-/Bachelor Theses!

Due to the moving process of the Steyr campus library, the following media is not available at the moment:

BA theses (not available): ILM until incl. 2011, PMT, PMG, GSM, MEB, CRF until incl. 2012
MA theses (not available): SCM, GSM, OMT until incl. 2010, CRF until incl. 2012, DBM until incl. 2013
All bound journal volumes except for the following: PDF

Please be advised that this is not reflected in the library search engine.



Mag. (FH) Gabriele Schürz

Head of
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Julia Merkinger

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