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Dates of admission procedure

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The application deadlines for 2022 are 31 JANUARY / 31 MARCH  / 15 MAY / 30 JUNE

Applications received by the respective deadline will be processed immediately. The invitation and appointment for the admission interview/procedure will be sent by e-mail, you will be informed about the result afterwards.


Admission procedure for Bachelor degree programmes

For Bachelor degree courses, the admission dates for 2022 – aptitude test and interview –are on the following days:

1. Appointment: Tuesday, 8th / Wednesday, 9th / Thursday, 10th February 2022

2. Appointment: Thursday, 7th April 2022

3. Appointment: Tuesday, 24th May 2022

4. Appointment: Thursday, 7th July 2022 

The aptitude test takes place from 9 – 12 o’clock (admission from 8.30). Interviews with the directors of studies and planned for the afternoon.  We would therefore ask you to allow a full day for the admission process.

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Admission procedure for Master's degree programmes

1. Appointment: Wednesday, 9th February 2022

2. Appointment: Wednesday, 6th April 2022

3. Appointment: Wednesday, 25th May 2022

4. Appointment: Wednesday, 6th July 2022

Exception: Agricultural Management and Innovations: 1st date 14 February 2022, 2nd date 19 April 2022, 3rd date 25 May 2022, 4th date 7 July 2022

Please allow a full day for the admission process. After your application you will receive further information directly from the administrative office of the study Programme.