Dates of admission procedure

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Applications can be submitted as of now - applications received by one of the following dates will be followed by a selection procedure.

The application deadlines are 

  • 31 January 2023
  • 31 March 2023
  • 15 May 2023
  • 30 June 2023 at the latest 

Applications received by the respective deadline will be processed immediately. The invitation and appointment for the admission interview/procedure will be sent by e-mail, you will be informed about the result afterwards.

By the way: You can apply for 2 degree programmes at the FH Upper Austria (specify Prio 1 and Prio 2).
Certificates (such as the Matura certificate) that are not yet available at the time of the online application can be submitted at a later date.




Admission procedure for Bachelor degree programmes

For Bachelor degree courses, the admission dates for 2022 – aptitude test and interview –are on the following days:-

1. Appointment: from Tuesday, 7th February to Thursday, 9th February 2023

2. Appointment: from Tuesday 12 th April to Thursday, 13th April 2023

3. Appointment: from Tuesday, 23rd May to Thursday 25th May 2023

4. Appointment: from Tuesday, 4th July to Thursday 6th Juli 2023

The aptitude test takes place from 9 – 12 o’clock (admission from 8.30). Interviews with the directors of studies and planned for the afternoon.  We would therefore ask you to allow a full day for the admission process.

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Admission procedure for Master's degree programmes

For the Master's programmes, the application procedure for the start of studies in autumn will probably take place on the following dates.

1. Appointment: Wednesday, 8th February 2023
(DBM Wednesday, 15th February 2023)

2. Appointment: Wednesday, 12th April 2023

3. Appointment: Wednesday, 24th May 2023

4. Appointment: Wednesday, 5th Juli 2023 
(CRF - Thursday, 6th July 2023, DBM - Friday, 7th July 2023)

The Master's admission procedure at the FH OÖ Campus Steyr includes a personal interview and the preparation of a case study. 
You will receive the specific appointment as well as detailed information by e-mail from the respective degree programme.