Statements of Alumni

Stefanie Maresch BA MA / GSM Alumni

Global Business Unit Manager Yachting Ropes / Teufelberger Fiber Rope GmbH

GSM stood for work hard - play hard - we spent nights learning together, motivating each other and then celebrating each other's successes together. One for all, all for one.

Shaloun Weisseneder MA / GSM Alumni

Marketing Manager Austria, Switzerland, KUKA CEE GmbH

In the course of the GSM master studies, it was very helpful and important for my work in the field of marketing to understand sales processes and challenges. Today, this is an essential advantage to simplify the cooperation and communication between marketing and sales and to understand the respective requirements. A personal highlight was the field trip to Beijing, where I got to know the country, the culture and the companies that have established themselves there. Looking back, I would choose the GSM Master's program again and can only recommend it to anyone who is interested in the areas of sales and marketing.

Ingrid Lamperstorfer MA / GSM Alumni

General Manager at Anton Paar Korea Ltd.

GSM offered me a very intercultural study experience which helps me to accomplish international work duties. The program had a very practical approach with good use cases and many opportunities to learn how to present and be in front of a big crowd, where I see many people struggling with.

Tijana Stašuk BSc MA / GSM Alumni

Head of Marketing / Cloudflight GmbH

The GSM Master programme provided an excellent foundation for my career start in Austria. The commitment and experience of professors are on a very high level. I would recommend this programme to all ambitious students that are eager to join an international community and challenge themselves with real-world situations through interactive classes.

Georg Feichtinger BA MA / GSM Alumni

Global Account Manager, ESS - Engineering Software Steyr

"The teaching of intercultural skills, practice-relevant lessons and the family atmosphere characterize the study program. After completing my studies, it was clear to me that my path would lead me into sales. The study program prepared me perfectly for my job as a global account manager in the automotive industry.”

Laura Casati BSc MA / GSM Alumni

Digital Marketing Manager, GlobeAir AG

"The GSM studies were the reasons why I landed my dream job as digital Marketing Manager at GlobeAir and also learnt two languages. I can't imagine my life without the greatest and most intense years of my study life. The program is rich, demanding and full of opportunities for young adults who make their way into the career world. There is nothing better than receiving an education which is both focused on soft skills and internationalization and concrete tools to develop your sales and marketing skills. I would recommend this programme to everybody who is looking for a way to shape their career in the most international way there is. Professors are always there to guide you and the facilities make it easy for you to expand on the topics of your choice, given the libraries and the many quiet rooms where to conduct group works. The latter, the work in small groups, is a typical feature of the GSM and highly appreciated – this is how you make friends, develop social skills and train your team work acceptance and skills.”

Philipp Burgstaller BSc MA / GSM Alumni

Senior Marketing Manager / Merlin Technology GmbH

Especially in my current position at Merlin Technology, I can benefit greatly from the combination of Marketing & Sales. Due to the part-time version of this master's program, I was already able to optimally link theory and practice during my studies - this enabled an even stronger learning process. Additionally, I was able to deepen my knowledge in marketing even further through the master's thesis and at the same time achieve very interesting results. Events such as InnoCamp36 were particular highlights during the 2 years. These also showed how sustainably successful ideas can be developed within a very short time.