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Cross-Cultural Business Conference 2018: Research builds connections across borders 17th - 18th May 2018, FH Upper Austria, Steyr Campus

We are pleased to announce for the 7th time the international Cross-Cultural Business Conference 2018 at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. The conference is embedded in the annual “International Week”. This means that on Monday the 14th of May and on Tuesday the 15th of May 2018 professors are welcome to give lectures at our School of Management in Steyr while on Thursday the 17th and Friday the 18th of May 2018 our Cross-Cultural Business Conference will be taking place.

Detailed Information: 

Steyr Campus: Research builds connections across borders

England's leading linguist and best-selling author at the Cross-Cultural Business Conference 2015 at the FH OÖ Campus Steyr.

The campus life at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria School of Management is dedicated to international cooperation. Accordingly, the fourth "Cross-Cultural Business Conference" took place during the International Week on May 21 and 22, offering high-profile lectures and workshops on interculturalism. The scientific contributions spanned the gamut from "Global Business and HR Management", "(B2B) Sales and Marketing" to "Service Innovation" and "Communication and Information Technologies" to "Higher Education Research". The keynote was held by England's leading linguist and bestselling author Richard D. Lewis on the topic "When Cultures Collide".

With guest speakers from around the world and more than 90 participants, the conference was the culmination of the International Week at the FH OÖ Campus Steyr. "In an increasingly globalized world intercultural competence is a central key qualification. We are pleased about the excellent quality of the presentations at this year's conference and are proud of the international network that was maintained and further expanded this year”, says Dean Margarethe Überwimmer.

The conference offered attendees interested in teaching, research and practice the opportunity to expand their knowledge and to discuss the latest scientific developments in an international atmosphere with visitors, scientists and lecturers from countries such as the US, India, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Finland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey. A top-class and exciting conference program was offered to participants. The opening keynote was held on the topic "When Cultures Collide" by Richard D. Lewis, Britain's leading linguist and authority on the subject of intercultural communication. The author did an outstanding job of comparing the individual cultures and characterizing the nationalities and spoke about the difficulties that may arise in international communication.

Top-class lectures and workshops on intercultural aspects

Emerging markets are becoming increasingly important for the Austrian export industry. At the conference, experts from India and Mexico discussed intercultural differences and the challenges that must be addressed in market development, business contacts and negotiations to ensure positive business transactions. A delegation from the SIAS University in China lectured on "Globally Networked Learning and Higher Education". The lecture "Role of Diversity in Triggering Social Innovations" was held by Prema Basargekar and Preeti S. Rawat from KJ Somaya Institute of Management & Research in India. As a partner they will devote a special edition of their scientific journal "Business Research" to the Cross-Cultural Business Conference, which will be released next year in India. The conclusion of the conference was the keynote speech by Jochen Berrens, head of the Innovation Headquarters, Borealis Linz, who highlighted the importance of internationality and intercultural challenges.

The Cross-Cultural Business Conference was organized by the Intercultural Management Centre, part of the Upper Austria University degree program "Global Sales and Marketing" in Steyr, in collaboration with the Faculty of Computer Science, Communication and Media in Hagenberg. 

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