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How to check your eligibility to study a Master

Admission to a Master degree programme at an Austrian university requires an undergraduate degree. This must have been obtained from a recognised higher education institution (HEI). The degree also must be equivalent to at least a three year Bachelor that was attained in Austria.

You can check the recognition of the HEI at which you studied and of your academic qualifications by using the database of recognised institutes abroad and that of foreign higher education qualifications. The databases are in German, but by following the steps below, you will still be able to gain the necessary information:
By filtering the results by country (‘Land’), city (‘Ort’) and type (‘Typ’), you can search for your institution in the Central Office for Foreign Education’s (ZAB) database of foreign institutions: 

anabin (switch to the ‘Suchen’ page to access the search function)

If your university is classed as ‘H+’, it is an institution that is recognised in Austria. In the event that it is described as ‘H+/-’ , your specific degree programme will have to be evaluated individually. 

Should your institution have been given an ‘H-’ classification, it is not recognised in Germany and neither are any of the degrees offered by it.

Following this, you can confirm the recognition of your degree. This is possible by looking up your degree type and specific area of studies in the database of foreign higher education qualifications. First, go to ‘Suchen nach Abschlüssen’, then select the country, in which you attained your previous degree, from the dropdown list in the first text box (‘(Alle) Länder’). After this, you choose the degree type (‘(alle) Abschlusstypen’) and your area of study (‘(Alle) Studienrichtungen’) from the lists in the the text boxes below. When you have found your degree, click on the plus sign on the left. The pop-up window that opens up will show you, how your degree is classed in comparison to an Austrian degree.