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Career Profile

The Master’s degree in Digital Business Management has set itself the target of transferring executive, advisory, all-encompassing entrepreneurial or freelance activities within the field of digital media.

Graduate are able to use digital media in a value adding way and to optimally create digital processes. DBM graduates are capable of making, by means of suitable methods and tools, strategic decisions and coordinating and accomplishing their implementation in enterprises.  

After conclusion of the DBM course graduates are able to take on project and executive functions in internationally aligned medium-sized enterprises and large-scale enterprises in the following areas:

  • Strategic management regarding digital business and marketing
  • E-commerce and e-Business
  • Product Management of the entire internet/on-line agendas 
  • Information management, Knowledge management, Innovation management or Web content management
  • Marketing and on-line marketing 
  • Customer Relationship Management and Supplier Relationship Management (CRM, SRM)

After appropriate professional experience a broad spectrum of executive functions can be undertaken in all industries. The degree programme also provides the best prerequisites for the establishment of an enterprise within the entire digital value chain.