Steyr CampusBusiness & Management

Career Profile

The degree program offers graduates the opportunity to work independently, as managers and consultants in the agricultural sector. The best career opportunities are in product management for agricultural products, in project and regional management, management of an agricultural business, management and leadership activities in agriculturally oriented companies, communication and management positions in agricultural marketing and agricultural policy and product management of digital products in the agricultural industry. Agricultural entrepreneurship is explicitly encouraged in the program.

Typical professional positions

  • Management or managerial position in an agricultural business.
  • Product managers for agricultural products: All managerial and executive activities from innovation management to development to marketable product and market launch.
  • Management and leadership activities in agricultural companies (upstream and downstream industries and sectors) from a strategic, personnel and financial perspective.
  • Consultants in (semi)-public institutions (e.g. Chamber of Agriculture) as well as in private companies.
  • Consultants and service providers as self-employed entrepreneurs or employees in agriculture-related industries and trading companies.
  • Activities as project and regional manager as well as development and management of agricultural and rural network organizations.
  • Communication and management positions in agricultural marketing and agricultural policy.
  • Product management for agricultural goods (agricultural products, products of the agricultural industry, etc.).
  • Product managers of digital products in the context of the agricultural industry.
  • Project managers in the context of agricultural experimentation.

* Start of course in autumn 2021 subject to approval by AQ Austria.