Steyr CampusBusiness & Management

Career Profile

As an MEB graduate, you will have access to virtually all sectors and companies. Especially in traditional fields and sectors, the Internet is becoming more and more important as it provides new opportunities for marketing, sales and product

management and enables more efficient structures and processes. An MEB graduate has the know-how to make optimum use of the Internet and new media in those fields and is well-qualified to manage electronic media projects or lead a team or even to start their own Business.


Graduates find excellent career opportunities in the fields of project management in marketing and e-business, online-marketing, e-business and e-commerce management, social media management, product management in the Internet and management of Internet and media agendas.


Our graduates typically enter the following professional fields 

  • Project Management in Marketing and E-Business
  • Marketing and Online-Marketing
  • Social-Media-Marketing
  • E-Business and E-Commerce Management
  • Web-Content-Management
  • Product management on the Internet
  • Management of Internet and Media affairs