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A key element of our approach is ensuring theoretical competencies are translated into measurable results in our various projects and internships. The GSM degree programme includes two internships (10 weeks in total) - abroad or at home.

Internship at Microsoft

My internship at Microsoft enabled me to combine my passion for digital technologies with B2B sales. Working for the worlds leading software provider, I was given an invaluable chance to join Microsofts Austrian sales force in its aspiration to accompany traditional Austrian companies through their digital transformation journey. Thanks to my highly supportive and inspirational manager and Microsofts Learn-it-all instead of Know-it-all culture, my internship was a tremendous learning experience on both a professional and personal level. It was especially rewarding to experience first-hand that the practical orientation of the lectures and various collaborations with renowned Upper Austrian companies during my studies provided me with highly useful industry-specific insights.

Student, "Global Sales and Marketing"