Sales Management, B2B-Marketing & Intercultural Management

The fascinating concept of this interdisciplinary degree programme is based on the following core competences:

Sales and Sales Management

you will receive practical and application oriented tuition in sales and sales management for industrial customers.

B2B Marketing

we will introduce you to the wide field of interesting activities in B2B Marketing in order to target companies with our/your products and services.

Cross-Cultural Sales and Management

a profound introduction into the cultural differences and similarities around the globe is waiting to be discovered. A wide range of incoming professors from all over the world will introduce you to these fascinating subjects.

Foreign languages

the entire programme is taught in English. Our native speakers not only provide intensive language instruction in two further foreign languages but also give you insights into their background cultures.

Social skills

we train you in the skills needed to deal with top customers but you are also prepared for the challenges of leadership and management in foreign countries.

Practical skills

the GSM motto is „the only way to learn something is to do it“ therefore we provide you with

  • two internships during the degree programme (abroad or at home)
  • Practical projects with our partners in the export industry
  • compulsory semester abroad at one of our 100 partner universities (double degree is possible)