Statements of Alumni

Ingrid Lamperstorfer MA / GSM Alumni

General Manager at Anton Paar Korea Ltd.

GSM offered me a very intercultural study experience which helps me to accomplish international work duties. The program had a very practical approach with good use cases and many opportunities to learn how to present and be in front of a big crowd, where I see many people struggling with.

Johanna Breinesberger BA / GSM Alumni

Executive Board Officer – Strategy & Organisation / REWE International AG

GSM has provided me with the perfect basis for a job where you need to understand every aspect of a company, in combination with teaching me to communicate the individual benefits to project stakeholders. Additionally, it is very enriching to study and work alongside exchange students as well as having the opportunity to study abroad. 

Marcel Stöger BA MA / GSM Alumni

Marketing Manager / Corner4 Information Technology GmbH

Marketing has always fascinated me with its various aspects. There is always something new to learn, therefore, I decided to study GSM. The bachelor studies provided a wide array of topics and input, hence, the master studies followed. My 5 years at GSM / FH Steyr enabled me to develop a great network and get my job as Marketing Manager at corner4 Information Technology GmbH.

Pia Walter MA / GSM Alumni

Head of Project Support / TGW Logistics Group

Due to GSM I had the chance to study two semesters abroad - one in Spain, during my bachelor, and one in Uruguay, during the Master program. A fantastic experience, which I wouldn’t want to miss, since I got to know other cultures and it certainly helped me to broaden my own horizons.  
During my GSM studies I got the chance to get to know many different companies in Upper Austria. That allowed me to build up a great network, which helped me with my later job search. 
The study program of GSM is widely known in the Upper Austrian Industry and has a fantastic reputation. I have made the experience that graduates from this study program are always wanted and will easily encounter great job opportunities afterwards.