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Anabin gives you the possibility to check, if you have the necesary prerequisites for Bachelor or Master studies in Austria.

How to check your entry requirements to study a Bachelor

To confirm that you are eligible to directly enter a Bachelor degree programme at an Austrian university with your current level of educational achievements, you have to check the classification of your academic qualifications:

  • Visit the database of foreign secondary school qualifications on the website of the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB): anabin
    -> The website is in German, but by following the instructions you will still be able to check your qualifications
  • Select your home country or, rather, the country in which you obtained your academic qualification from the dropdown list. Should you own leaving certificates from different countries, you should repeat this step and the ones below for each country/qualification.
  • Look for your qualification on the list and click on it. The pop-up window that now opens displays the evaluation of your qualification. ‘Direkter Zugang’ means that you do not need any further qualifications to be allowed to study in Austria.