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Application Process for GSM Bachelor

1. Complete the online application

2. Submit the required documents - translated into German or English from a certified translation office. Please do not send any originals.

National and international applicants have to provide these documents in German or English:

  • Personal Statement / Motivation Letter (objectives, career aspirations, personal interests and plans)
  • general school qualification certificate for university (A-Levels, High School Diploma), as soon as available.
  • 2 most recent transcript of records of your secondary school / high school
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of nationality or passport
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Passport-sized photo

International applicants have to additionally provide these documents in English or German:

  • Certificate of Proficiency in English – IELTS min. 6.0 / TOEFL min. 78 points / Cambridge Certificate B2
  • VPD’, issued by UniAssist (please follow the instructions during the application). This document is mandatory if you have a non-EU school education.

International applicants have to additionally provide a legalized copy of these documents in German or English:

  • General school qualification certificate for university (A-Levels, High School Diploma)
  • 2 most recent transcripts of records of your secondary school / high school

Applicants who completed their education within the EU do not have to legalize their documents.

If your country is a member of the Hague Convention (list of countries click here), you have to prove the legalization of your documents in the form of the Apostille (information click here ).

If your country is not a member of the Hague Convention, you have to prove full diplomatic accreditation of your certificates.
A full diplomatic accreditation must contain the confirmation and stamps of your appropriate Ministry of Foreign Affairs (of your home country) and the stamp of an Austrian authority for your certificates. We cannot process your application unless you submit these documents to us.

3. Mind the application deadlines: January 31, March 31,  June 30

(For Non-EU applicants the deadline is March 31!)

4. Please acknowledge that we can only process complete applications (including all documents).We will check your documents and give you feedback. If you meet all the formal requirements we will invite you to one of our obligatory admission procedures to Steyr.

Dates of admission procedure for the GSM-Bachelor degree course. The potential test and personal interview are on the following days

1. Appointment: Thursday, 4th February 2021

2. Appointment:Thursday, 8th April 2021

3. Appointment:Tuesday, 6th July 2021

(4. Appointment: Friday, 3rd September 2021)

The admission procedure starts at 8.15 am. The personal interview with one of our professors follows in the afternoon. Therefore we would ask you to schedule a full day for the admission process.

We will inform you if your admission has been successful within 2-3 weeks.

The admission procedure includes

  • a personal interview (we do not accept Skype interviews)
  • an aptitude test
  • an English language test