Managing financial performance

With the CRF program, you will always have a firm grip on your financial situation: in your private life as well as on the international business stage. You will acquire the necessary skills through a holistic education, with a brand-new curriculum that sets the highest standards.

You have the opportunity to set individual focal points in your studies through electives from the modules "Controlling", "International Accounting", "Financial Management" or "Taxes".

Financial and social skills with vision

As a CRF graduate, you combine a high level of professional, social and management competence. You will be able to use your financial know-how in a targeted manner to increase the success of your company.

Controlling, accounting and financial management: 
Acquire expertise in controlling, accounting & financial reporting, financing, capital markets, taxation, auditing, risk management and strategy to successfully manage a company's financial performance.

International Management and Sustainable Corporate Governance:
Managing companies successfully on an international level in a sustainable manner and designing business processes with an eye to the future. 
The opportunity to discover the world and gain international experience during a semester abroad at one of over 100 partner universities

Digitalisation and business analytics:
Acting confidently in the age of Digital Transformation: Understanding and analysing data structures, using key business intelligence tools and automating processes.

Social competence:
Strengthen one's own leadership and communication skills, act ethically, be interculturally open and internationally confident in negotiations

Business practice and scientific work:
”From knowledge to application”: Experience and apply educational content in practice, implement projects in companies, discuss with experts from the business world and learn to work in a scientifically sound manner.