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An international focus while studying brings not only new friends and contacts all over the world and intercultural insights, but above all a head start in the competition for the best jobs. Global thinking is essential for management experts. The Faculty of Business and Management offers students many opportunities to strengthen their international competences: through a semester abroad at one of the many partner universities worldwide, international events, as well as lectures by visiting professors from abroad. Two study programmes are conducted entirely in English. Across all degree programmes, individual courses are held in English.

Students at the Steyr Campus can choose from around 130 partner universities in 50 countries. They can choose between different locations in Europe such as Scandinavia or France, or travel to the USA and Canada. The substantial network even extends to Russia, Kazakhstan or China. The possibilities for an international stay are also diverse: From internships to semesters abroad to double or triple degrees - i.e. the acquisition of several academic titles at different universities - everything is possible.

International flair on campus

Approximately 300 exchange students from the most diverse nations come to Steyr every year to study here for one or two semesters. In addition, there are also many regular students from all over the world who complete their entire course of study in Steyr. This mix of different cultures, different languages and the joy of intercultural exchange give the Steyr campus a very special flair. All those who opt not to spend a semester abroad also benefit from this. Because internationality comes directly to their home, to the campus.

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