Double Degrees

In accordance with the double degree agreements, students of the FH Upper Austria have the opportunity to obtain not only one but two diplomas during their studies at FH Upper Austria. We have double degree agreements with partner universities for the following FH Upper Austria Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes: 

Please note: the double degree agreements with Russia and Ukraine are on hold until further notice.


Students have to be enrolled in an FH Upper Austria degree programme and complete a period of study in a similar field at a partner university during their studies – mostly during a semester abroad. Each university recognises the student’s achievements in the other’s programme and awards a separate academic degree.

In this way for example a Bachelor of Arts in Business from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria can be awarded in addition to the Bachelor of Business Administration from the partner university. Both universities recognise the relevant modules for the field of studies they offer so students do not have to complete two separate degree programmes.