The Organisation

The InnoCamp36 event is organised by the team of the study programme “Global Sales and Marketing” at Campus Steyr of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

The Initiator

"Campus Steyr shows its creative side. Creativity, innovation and practical application are of central importance in our study programmes. With InnoCamp36®, we now want to show what creative thinkers can come up with in 36 hours."

FH-Prof. DI Dr. Margarethe Überwimmer
Professor for International Marketing and Sales Management
Head of Studies Global Sales and Marketing

The Project Management

"During InnoCamp36 our students prove their competence in creatively solving practical real-world challenges that are provided by well-known companies. Despite its competing and task oriented nature this special event will bring additional fun and colour into our daily business. Therefore, I am eagerly looking forward to experience the special atmosphere of this upcoming event and a great variety of unique solutions."

DI Dr. Markus Vorderwinkler
Professor for Innovative Production Technologies

"The InnoCamp36 provides participating companies the unique opportunity to get a lateral thinking on their topics, thus enables them to discover and shape completely new perspectives on this themes, which might not be visible from the pure company view. 36 hours of hard, yet creative work will determine highest efficiency, hence let´s get started! "

Dr. Harald Hammer
Professor for Export Management

The Administration

"Supporting young people’s desire to innovate is a source of joy and an investment in the future.“

Aline Kesehage
Project Administration

The Project Team

"InnoCamp36® – New perspectives, new approaches to solving problems of the future. Young creative personalities develop concepts for the problems of industry."

FH-Prof. Ing. Mag. Robert Füreder
Professor for Sales Management
Study Programme Coordinator Global Sales and Marketing

"InnoCamp36® – young talents think out of the box in a systematic way while having a lot of fun! "

FH-Prof. Mag. Christian Stadlmann PhD
Professor for Sales Management

"The InnoCamp36® allows young high potentials and companies to connect in an agile and inspiring environment to develop innovative future-driven solutions for a better tomorrow – in business and in society."

Dr. Christopher Kanitz
Professor International B2B Marketing