Steyr CampusManagement

The Idea

The teams

The teams consist of at least 5 young people with widely differing talents and interests and are put together as follows:

  • Students
  • International Student
  • senior Pupil  HTL, HAK, AHS,… 

The company representatives present their questions and expectations to the teams during a 30 minute introduction. During the course of InnoCamp36® they allow themselves to be convinced of how the project is progressing via short (5 minute) presentations and are available at the end for any questions or final input coming from the teams.

The Creative Stage

During the creative phase the teams work in their assigned "creative rooms" without any assistance from the "outside world".
The whole project phase must be clearly and logically documented before being handed over to company representatives.
The jury is looking for creativity, team spirit and endurance in the participants.  Those who take up the challenge are demonstrating these abilities not only to themselves.
At InnoCamp36® interdisciplinary teams work together to find innovative solutions to specific tasks.  This process of innovation is supported by SAP University Alliances using the Design Thinking Method.

We received generous support from the company SAP whose trainers gave the teams a lot of useful hints by providing some tools  for the design thinking approach

The Jury

The jury is made up of members from companies, the media and the University of Applied Sciences.  Evaluation is based on a predefined points system whereby in each case the highest and lowest assessment will be eliminated.
The teams have exactly 360 seconds to present their results.
This has to be done using not much more than a flip chart, the media case, a pin board and possibly a few aids such as polystyrene sheets, plasticine or task specific utensils  for visualization purposes
The top three teams will be awarded prize money amounting to € 1.000, € 400 and € 300.

The Conclusion

The winners and results will be announced and the prizes awarded at a small After-Camp-Party.  Participants will be able to use the relaxed atmosphere to exchange experiences and get in closer contact with companies.


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