The Jury

After the creative period, all teams have exactly 360 seconds to present their solutions to a jury in the form of a start-up pitch. The presentation has to be done using not much more than a flip chart, the media case, a pin board and possibly a few aids such as polystyrene sheets, plasticine or task specific utensils  for visualization purposes.

The jury is made up of members from companies, the media and the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. 

The evaluation is based on a predefined points system, whereby in each case the highest and lowest assessment will be eliminated.

The three top ranked teams will be awarded by prize money amounting to EUR 1.000, EUR 400 and EUR 300. 


InnoCamp36 is a competitive, agile innovation event created and organised by the Global Sales and Marketing (GSM) degree programme at Campus Steyr of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

It brings together highly motivated students from different cultures and with a variety of talents and interests in order to solve future-oriented challenges proposed by dedicated companies. The serious work will be part of an inspiring event that will take place in the historic industrial ambience of the Museum Arbeitswelt in Steyr.

Within a period of 36 hours, max. 8 interdisciplinary teams intensively analyse their assigned challenges, create ideas and concepts as well as discuss and develop solutions and finally present their approach to a jury.

Attractive prizes sponsored by the participating company partners will reward the best and most innovative solutions.

All challenges and tasks are within the scope of the management topics taught at the FH OÖ, campus Steyr.

The Teams

Each team is formed by 5 to 10 participants and brings together national, international and college students with widely differing talents and interests ranging from business and intercultural aspects over sales and marketing to a technical background. Top performing college students from schools like HTL, HAK or AHS starting from the 12th grade (over 18 years) are highly welcome to join the competition and contribute their points of view.

The Event

  • The sponsoring companies briefly present themselves, their proposed challenge and their expectations during a 30 minutes introductory session to their assigned project teams.
  • The teams have a time span of 36 hours to solve their assigned challenge.

During the elaboration, each team will be supported by its sponsoring company as well as by the organising committee. In defined intervals, the students will inform the companies about their status by giving short presentations (approx. 5 minutes). In turn, the assigned company representatives will give their constructive feedback.

  • Each team presents its solutions in the form of a start-up pitch with a strict time limit of 360 seconds.
  • The jury evaluates the results with regard to both the proposed solutions as well as the quality of the development process.
  • An award ceremony will mark the beginning of an “After-Camp-Party”. Participants will be able to use the relaxed atmosphere to exchange experiences and get in closer contact with companies.

The Creative Phase

During the creative phase the teams work in their assigned "creative work spaces" without any assistance from the "outside world". To develop their ideas, innovations and creative solutions, the teams have at their disposal some flipcharts, markers, a pin board and visualization aids (e. g. modelling clay or task-specific materials provided by the companies). Technical aids like smartphones, laptops and tablets are only allowed to retrieve information or to communicate with the company representatives but not for developing or presenting the results.

The whole project must be clearly and logically documented by the team before handing it over to assigned company. The documentation is part of the assessment.

The jury is looking for creativity, team spirit and endurance among the participants. Those who take up the challenge are demonstrating these abilities not only to themselves.

At InnoCamp36 the interdisciplinary is an essential aspect to find innovative solutions to the specific tasks. During this process of innovation the Design Thinking Method will be applied and the teams will be accompanied by innovation coaches.

The event language is in English.


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