That was InnoCamp36® 202324th / 25th October 2023

And the winner is... 1st place for business models for smart locking systems

Management students from 27 countries had 36 hours to develop unusual ideas and solutions for eight well-known companies and give free rein to their creativity. The Global Sales and Marketing team at the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences Campus Steyr has been organizing this unique format forstudents for 10 years in which only English is spoken both during  teamwork and during the presentations.

"InnoCamp36 is an excellent opportunity to build networks between the university of applied sciences, companies, students and pupils and strengthens the already excellent cooperation between businesses and the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences," says initiator and course director Margarethe Überwimmer.

The 75 participants had 36 hours to generate ideas and work out solutions via a special design thinking process and to present the best idea. The questions came from well-known international companies, including ENGEL, Fronius, Internorm, Merlin Technology, RUBBLE MASTER, Silhouette International, TGW and voestalpine. In the end, each team had to pitch their solutions to the jury of top experts within 360 seconds.

Project on marketing and sales of air humidification systems for an optimal indoor climate in production halls and offices won first place

First place went to the Merlin Technology team, which developed exciting solutions for lead generation and lead qualification using artificial intelligence. The winners' hard work was rewarded with a generous prize.

Markus Karl from Merlin Technologies: "We are proud of our InnoCamp36 project team. The students and pupils from a wide range of nations have generated exciting and innovative solutions for us. We look forward to putting the ideas and content into practice in the future."

"InnoCamp36 offers an excellent opportunity to collaborate with exciting companies and solve forward-looking issues together with students and pupils from different countries," says GSM Master's student Andriy Saviyevskyy. He and his team won first prize for the company Merlin Technologies.

Second prize went to the project group from Fronius. This involved innovative sales strategies to provide even better service to end customers.

Harald Langeder (CTO of Fronius): "InnoCamp36 is a great opportunity to generate completely new and fresh approaches to solutions. The Fronius project group was able to take a successful look behind the scenes of Austrian solar technology and the resulting enthusiasm for renewable energy is more than gratifying for us. We are proud of the creative result of a young, motivated team and would like to thank them for their excellent cooperation."

The Silhouette team took third place with the development of innovative concepts for personalizing and individualizing the customer journey.

Michael Schmied (CMO of Silhouette): "The quality and creativity of the InnoCamp36 students' ideas and presentations on the various technological and economic tasks was impressive."

Initiator Margarethe Überwimmer is proud of the results: "Everyone showed an extremely high level of commitment and delivered an excellent performance. The atmosphere was fantastic and the participants were totally committed. InnoCamp36 stands for the networking of universities of applied sciences, companies, students and pupils."

About the InnoCamp36

InnoCamp36 was initiated by Margarethe Überwimmer, Head of Global Sales and Marketing studies and research at the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences Campus Steyr, 10 years ago and has taken place almost every year since then. Eight companies and one project team of nine to ten members each - including students, exchange students and pupils - were motivated to take part this year. The groups have 36 hours to develop their ideas on the questions posed by the companies on the topics of marketing, sales and international business and must present them to the jury in 360 seconds. The prize money is provided by the participating companies.

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The participating companies & sponsors:

- Engel Austria GmbH

- Fronius International GmbH

- Internorm International GmbH

- Merlin Technology GmbH


- Silhouette International Schmied AG

- TGW Logistics Group

- voestalpine Stahl GmbH

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