That was InnoCamp36® 2015

Initially launched by the FH OÖ Faculty of Management Steyr in 2013 the 4th and 5th of November 2015 was the third year of "InnoCamp36®" where students from 20 nations let their creativity run wild. Ten well-known companies from the region took the opportunity to discover new and innovative ideas of the project groups. Students and pupils expertly tackled the myriad issues of the companies involved. The first place went to the team of Rubble Master which prepared exciting solutions for future business models. "The InnoCamp36® is a great way for the university, companies, students and pupils to network and strengthen the already excellent cooperation which exists between businesses and the FH OÖ Faculty of Management in Steyr," said Dean Margarethe Überwimmer.

The 90 participants had 36 hours to prepare their projects and present them. The tasks come from well-known international companies, including Rosenbauer, emporia, Engel, SKF, TGW and Voithofer & Partner. Each group had to present their project to the jury within just 360 seconds.

Project around social media and mobile apps awarded first place
The jury awarded first place to the project group of the company Rubble Master. The students and three pupils from the HTL 1 Construction & Design Linz, developed a concept concerning how social media and mobile apps can contribute to the success of the company. The hard work of the winner was rewarded with a lucrative prize. 

The second prize went to the project group of the Technology and Innovation Centre Steyr. It was about a vision for an "International Welcome Center" in Steyr, which is intended for international skilled labour but also for immigrants who are already living in Steyr.

The 3rd place went to the team managed by Voithofer & Partner with a marketing plan for a product which provides broadband data connections in places where the wireless network is no longer sufficient for data transmission.

FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Margarethe Überwimmer, Dean of FH OÖ Campus Steyr is completely satisfied with the results of InnoCamp36®: "Everyone did a magnificent job. The atmosphere was excellent and the participants were totally committed". She is proud of the international nature of the event. In total there were students from 20 different nations so only English was spoken in the teams and during the presentations. "The InnoCamp36® stands for the networking of the FH OÖ, businesses, students and pupils," says the dean.

About InnoCamp36®
InnoCamp36® was initiated by the Dean, Margarethe Überwimmer at FH OÖ Faculty of Management in Steyr and together with the organizer DI (FH) Friedrich Bauinger, ten companies and each project group of nine to ten members - including students, exchange students and pupils - were motivated to participate. The groups have 36 hours to work out their ideas on the issues raised by the companies and have to present them in 360 seconds before the jury. The prize money was from the Steyr FH Association (Förderverein) chaired by the Mayor Gerald Hackl and the participating companies.

"Exciting topics, highly motivated team players and a great atmosphere are the ingredients for a new staging of this event in 2016."
Friedrich Bauinger, organizer of InnoCamp36®

"We are proud of our InnoCamp36® project team. Students and pupils from different nations have generated exciting and innovative solutions for future business models around the core product "Mobile Crushers". We are delighted to put the ideas and content into practice in the future. "
Gerald Hanisch, CEO of Rubble Master

"The InnoCamp36® is a great platform to connect with exciting companies and to get in contact with students and pupils from different nations to solve problems of the future."
Student Laura Casati (23) from Ancona in Italy, won with her team the 1st prize for thecompany Rubble Master

"This year we participated for the first time in InnoCamp36® because we believe in the creativity of the students, pupils and students from several nations working with very different educational backgrounds on the project, we encourage students to think in terms of business models and markets and want them to experience the entrepreneurial spirit of startups: You can thus be part of a start-up! “
Paul Voithofer, Managing Partner of Voithofer + Partner Consulting GmbH

"emporia is participating in InnoCamp36® for the 2nd time . We see InnoCamp36® as an opportunity to get innovative ideas and unconventional approaches from the students. It is always amazing how much is done in such a short time by the students, how professionally the solutions are worked out and all that without tunnel vision and pragmatic showstoppers as always happens in everyday professional life. Most important for us is the transfer of solutions to our company, which worked well in the past year. "
Karin Schaumberger CMO / CSO of emporia Telecom GmbH & Co. KG

"The InnoCamp36® provides room for creativity and fresh ideas. I'm excited about the commitment and potential of the students who have worked out such exciting solutions for our personnel marketing. "
Michael Grininger, HR of Engel Austria GmbH

"The exciting aspect of InnoCamp36® are the fresh ideas and innovations. For us as a company it is important to recognize the latest trends in time. The fact that there is a competition with time pressure rounds it all off. "
Michael Friedmann, SVP Global Customer Service & Product Management at RosenbauerInternational AG

The InnoCamp36® takes place this year on the 16th and 17th of November 2016.