For Students

Motivation to participate

  • elaborating practical, real world problems provided by companies
  • receiving straight feedback both from company experts and an interdisciplinary jury
  • experience how to solve a predefined task in a given time period under competitive conditions
  • learn to participate and solve problems in an interdisciplinary and intercultural team
  • get the opportunity to present themselves to the sponsoring companies

Rules of Play

We want to impose the following ‘rules of play’ to be abided by in our dealings with each other and for behaviour during the InnoCamp36 in general:

  • All team members are of equal value and have the same rights regardless of education, gender, nationality, faith or age.
  • We communicate with each other openly and tolerantly.
  • We express criticism constructively and accept it as valuable.
  • We deal with conflicts and try to solve them constructively.
  • We react flexibly to changes in situation.
  • We have the courage to consider ‘crazy’ situations too.
  • We make our contribution in the team.


If you are interested to participate please contact us at