For Companies

The event addresses companies of all sizes and domains that are interested in cooperating with open-minded, creative students from different cultures. Interested companies have the chance to provide upcoming and ambitious topics to be solved and processed by “their” InnoCamp36 team.  

In a short introductory session the company representatives will familiarize "their" team with the challenge and the expected goals. Further, in predefined intervals the company supervisors convince themselves of the progress and discuss open questions if necessary.

Depending on their size, the companies are usually represented by their owners, general managers, head of departments or experienced experts.

Benefits for the participating companies

  • getting in touch with highly motivated master, international and college students
  • seeing and understanding how the next generation of potential employees solves future oriented challenges
  • getting innovative and sometimes unexpected ideas, concepts and solutions

Would you like to sponsor InnoCamp36?

  • You have interesting tasks or challenges for which a team could find a creative solution?
  • Get in touch with us and formulate a specific challenge!
  • Present your challenges and expectations to your InnoCamp36 team in a brief introductory session.
  • Coach your team throughout the InnoCamp36 and find out how the project is progressing.
  • Make a sponsorship contribution​​​​​​​



If you are interested to participate please contact us at