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Successful fourth International Staff Training Week at FH Upper Austria

During April 24-27, 2018 FH Upper Austria hosted partner universities for the fourth “International Staff Training Week”: 30 colleagues from partner universities in 19 different countries joined this event. Besides many European colleagues, also institutions from China, Taiwan, Kazakhstan and Mexico participated.

During this professional development programme the group visited all FH Upper Austria campuses, where they attended target-group specific workshops and had a chance to network with local colleagues in order to get to know the institution better, coordinate the cooperation activities and develop new ideas to intensify the partnerships. During campus tours and the international fair at Wels campus our visitors got an impression of work, studies and life at FH Upper Austria and could learn from each other. Also the regional government of Upper Austria took the opportunity to welcome our international guests during the Welcome Reception in the Redouten Halls in Linz on the first evening.

Divided into 4 different professional fields, R&D, Marketing, Study Programme Administration and International Relations, the participants attended interactive workshops and group discussions. As part of the “Internationalization at Home” initiative at FH Upper Austria, also Austrian colleagues were strongly encouraged to actively join the programme in order to get to know international colleagues and their cultures, share experiences and develop best practices for common issues.

Towards the end of the week our visitors attended a cultural excursion, where they got the chance to visit the beautiful town of Bad Ischl, try some traditional Austrian “Schweinebraten” and “Käsespätzle” and enjoy the views from the mountains on a sunny day.

Dr. Andreas Zehetner, Vice-President for International Relations at FH Upper Austria: „Especially during the Welcome Reception it was easy to see how important personal meetings are for people who communicate and work together in an international environment, spread all over the world. Our Staff Training Week encourages the personal contact and exchange, but also knowledge transfer and thus increases the quality of internationalization activities of higher education institutions.”

The week was a great opportunity to obtain new knowledge, share exciting ideas and experiences, network, meet new colleagues and simply experience a different culture. Thank you to all 30 colleagues and friends from our partner institutions for attending our Staff Training Week as well as to the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, whose financial support allowed us to organize this event.