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Spring School: Experiencing three economic areas as close as possible in one week!

From March 29 - April 4, 2021, an international virtual Spring School took place with more than 50 students from 4 continents. Under the motto "Hidden Business Champions", the students familiarized themselves with the formulas for success of internationally successful medium-sized companies and developed new business ideas with a high innovative character and potential for success together in virtual space.

The event itself was an example of successful international cooperation. Universities of applied sciences from three European countries (Artevelde UAS, Ghent/Belgium, Karelia UAS, Joensuu/Finland, UAS Upper Austria, Steyr/Austria) offered the students a virtual tour through the whole of Europe and a "best of" of lectures, workshops and virtual company visits from three very different and innovative economic areas.

"We tried to see virtual space not as a crutch, but as a real asset for creating globally networked content and development opportunities. We have thus achieved something that would have been impossible without virtual cooperation, and the quality of the results has more than positively surprised us."
Quote Peter Brandstätter/Lecturer at UAS Upper Austria