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Expanding University Cooperation with Shanghai Polytechnic University

In a definitive move intended to enhance global educational collaboration, FH Upper Austria announced the expansion of its partnership with Shanghai Polytechnic University (SSPU) on November 6. The promising development signifies an extended commitment to fostering intellectual exchange and mutual growth between the two reputable institutions.

The momentous alliance announcement was shared through an online signing ceremony, demonstrating that not even physical barriers and geographical distance can deter academic progress. Attendees from both universities joined the virtual event led by Presidents Xie Huaqing (SSPU) and Gerald Reisinger (FH Upper Austria), reinforcing the spirit of international cooperation in a digitally-dependent world. The online signing ceremony also shed light on the strengthened bond between FH Upper Austria and SSPU, showcasing how technology can empower cross-border collaborations and emphasize the fact that boundaries can become obsolete in the pursuit of knowledge.

The partnership will facilitate an exchange of knowledge, resources, and culture, aiming to enhance academic prowess and research capacities at both universities. Moreover, it will provide staff and students of FH Upper AUstria increased opportunities for cultural immersion, global exposure, and collaborative teaching and research projects at SSPU. Equally, SSPU students can benefit from resources and teaching methodologies offered by FH Upper Austria, enhancing their academic outlook.

First established in 2016, several exchange activities had already been implemented between China and Austria, both ways, before the pandemic brought international mobility to a temporary end. After several years of restriction of international travel the universities are happy to pick up their exchange activities and intensify the collaboration.

Engineering student visits Great Wall during his semester abroad at SSPU | Credits: FH OÖ

Virtual Cooperation Meeting | Credits: FH OÖ

Signing of the MoU | Credits: FH OÖ