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220 new international students in Wels

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, School of Engineering welcomed 220 new international students from more than 60 countries during this year’s "Welcome Week". A total of around 450 international students thus ensure diversity and different perspectives at the Wels campus. On the one hand, they help Austrian students to gain intercultural experience at home, and on the other hand, they are available to domestic companies as urgently needed engineers after graduation. In October, "Green Science" will be launched, an innovative format to anchor international students in the region.

For the past 12 years, the Wels campus has had an increasingly international flair. The five English-language Bachelor's and Master's degree programs attract international students from all over the world who are seeking a high-quality Austrian degree, as well as exchange students who are often coming to Europe for the first time. The unique study programs are often decisive here, as in the case of Grecia from Colombia: "the Sustainable Energy Systems degree follows a holistic approach and combines the latest technological findings with practical experience - together with the international focus, this was my main reason to study in Wels." Amr Mousa from Egypt adds "The multidisciplinary courses from technology and management together with real projects at companies have appealed to me."

In addition, the "International Foundation Program" also addresses applicants whose university entrance qualification is not recognized in Austria and who therefore have to take supplementary examinations. For the School of Engineering, international students in all areas are an important pillar of the "Internationalization @ Home" strategy. Not all students have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad, for example because they work or have family commitments. However, Dean Dr. Michael Rabl emphasizes: "In today's world, it is increasingly important to live and work with people from different cultural and national contexts. At our School, Austrian and international students learn this already during their studies."

Starting in October, the new format "Green Science" will attract - and retain - more qualified international students in Austria. The students begin their basic studies in the field of agriculture, environment & food in English and learn the German language in addition to technical subjects during their first years of study. From the third year onwards, they study in German. This is to ensure that students are fit for the (Upper) Austrian job market - not only professionally, but also linguistically. "The German language is often decisive for longer-term integration and thus for remaining in (Upper) Austria," Rabl knows, "That's why it's a great concern of ours to create study formats that not only teach technical skills but also prepare students for life here. In times of acute shortage of skilled workers, we can thus provide targeted support to our domestic companies."

The new students already feel at home at the School of Engineering and are using the first days and weeks to network with fellow students and teachers.

around 450 international students from over 60 countries are represented at the campus in Wels | Credits: FH OÖ

220 new international students started at the campus in Wels | Credits: FH OÖ