Mission and Vision


Teach and Learn with Joy – Research with Curiosity

Our teaching and research enable people to design the value chain sustainably in a global economy thus making a contribution to the future-orientation of our society. We develop and teach methods, concepts and models for this purpose.

Values and Principles:

  • Long-term thinking with a broad perspective
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and action in accordance with a sense of responsibility, courage and the willingness to make decisions
  • Taking the interests of future generations into consideration
  • Social innovation to promote economic and societal progress
  • Dealing with changes objectively and critically
  • The willingness to think in new ways
  • A positive attitude
  • Respect, tolerance and fairness



We rank among the top addresses in Austria for practice-orientated management education and research.
The professional and personal success of our graduates attracts dedicated high-achievers to study here.
We are an initiator and transfer platform in our core competences.
In cooperation with our partners in Austria and abroad we strengthen our country’s ability to compete.