People have different tastes, and that is particularly true for food and restaurants. Generally, students meet in the centre of the city or round about the Johannes Kepler University.

In the centre there are cafes and restaurants and you can sit outdoors to enjoy your meal or drinks especially in Hauptplatz or the Schloss cafe, or on the terrace of cafe Traxelmayr. Additionally,the Klosterhof and Josef’s on the Landstraße or the Sky Garden on the terrace of the Passage shopping centre also provide ample space for you to sit outside.

The area around Hauptplatz-Landstraße and Promenade-Graben, the Domviertel, the centre of Urfahr near the bridge are good places for students to go out – and, of course, the old town behind Hauptplatz. You will soon find out about all the highlights that are central but off the beaten track.