Culturally, you can find everything from classic to modern. It’s a good opportunity for students to extend their interests and try out something different. Personal development is just as important as professional development during your studies.

In 2009, Linz was "European Culture Capital".

You can see operas, plays, musicals and ballet at the Landestheater Linz, one of the largest theatres in central Europe  to offer all four genres. You can see an opera by Verdi, a drama by Schiller or something more modern. The ensemble includes international singers and actors and there are often guest performances. Students can buy tickets at very reasonable prices, particularly if they have the”KultCard".

Theater Phönix provides more experimental performances. Provocative modern drama, guest performances, premiers of Austrian authors and some radically different interpretations of the classics are also on the timetable. In contrast to this, the Kellertheater in Hauptplatz presents mostly quality boulevard theatre.

Classical symphonies, piano recitals, chamber music – the Brucknerhaus in the Donaupark offers the finest in music. Not only does the resident Bruckner Orchester Linz play here frequently, during the year – and not only at the annual Bruckner festival – there are guest performances by internationally renowned orchestras from every possible country. Very often the Brucknerhaus is also the venue for Jazz und contemporary music. Cross-Over performers, who don’t allow themselves to be categorised, are also popular here.

The artists performing at the Posthof don’t want to be categorised either. They offer a colourful programme under the motto ‘Contemporary Culture at the Harbour‘ including cabaret, pop concerts, dance, performance and literature.

The written word is the focus of the Stifter-Haus, a centre for literature and language, where both national and international authors and enthusiasts meet. As well as carrying out scientific studies, the Stifter Haus is also a venue for talks, readings and discussions on literary or linguistic topics several times a month.

If you are a film fan who prefers non-Hollywood films then the two programme cinemas City und Moviemento provide what you want. There is good food to be had before and after the films on site. There is also the Cinematograph, an old style mini cinema which shows rare films from the early years of cinema

The museums of Linz have both their own variety of items on display as well as temporary exhibitions. An internationally representative collection of fine art from the 19 century onwards can be seen in the Kunstmuseum Lentos. Paintings, graphics and sculptures are in the OÖ. Landesgalerie, part of OÖ. Landesmuseen. The magnificent building in Museumstrasse is where the annual Museum ball is held. History can be seen in the Schlossmuseum and Stadtmuseum Nordico together with its branch Genesis,and the natural world can be experienced in the Biologiezentrum in Urfahr. Other first class places to see exhibitions are the Ars Electronica Center with its focus of media and art and the OK Centrum für Gegenwartskunst for contemporary art.

This can only be an outline of the rich variety of culture to be found in Linz. It is a good idea to have a look in the book shops, cafes, galleries and other venues to see what is going on – small can be beautiful!