Leisure time

Life is not just for work and studying – you need time to relax and enjoy yourself. Linz provides a lot of opportunities for you to do this.

You can find suggestions under the headings culture (Kultur) and gastronomy (Gastronomie)  A few other ideas are outlined below. For a comprehensive overview see www.linztermine.at.


Linz is an excellent place to go shopping, even for students on a limited budget!.

In the centre of the town, Landstrasse is a great place to shop. Give yourself time to explore the side-streets, too – particularly the stretch  Bischofsstraße – Spittelwiese along to Herrenstraße is sprinkled with the kind of speciality shop that you can never find in big shopping centres.

The large specialist stores, for example for do-it-yourself, home improvement or electrical stores, are often situated in the suburbs.


People in Linz are pretty enthusiastic about sport, so there’s plenty for you to do whether you are an active or a passive sports fan. For example, you can go running, skating, Nordic walking or cycling along the Danube, in the northern Green Belt and the southern suburbs of Ebelsberg and Pichling. Some of the annual Linz Marathon participants train here.

For chillier days there are a multitude of good fitness and wellness clubs which often have special offers for students. You can dabble your toes (and swim) in the centrally situated Parkbad, in the Hummelhofbad in the south and in the Biesenfeld pool to the north of the town. There is a beach volleyball court near the VOEST bridge in Urfahr, and there are two excellent lakes to bathe in – Pleschingersee to the north and Pichlingersee to the south – where you can also play table tennis outdoors.

Tennis courts and football pitches can be found all over the town. There are golf courses in many places outside the city.