Key Areas

The curriculum is structured as follows and qualifies students to work as responsible medical engineers within international markets:

Deepening Scientific Fundamentals in Mathematics, Statistics and Selected Topics in Medicine [11,25 ECTS]

Medical Engineering Methods in Electronics, Biomechanics, Medical Device Software and Materials Technology (3 out of 4 elective modules) [30 ECTS]

Medical Technology Areas: Advanced Medical Imaging and Diagnosis Systems, Clinical Treatment Systems, Prosthetics and Rehabilitation Technology [17,5 ECTS]

Medical Systems Engineering and Project Work: Scientific fundamentals are applied in practise within a professional or scientific project work in close cooperation with a company, research institute or hospital in consideration of Regulatory Affairs [31,25 ECTS]

Master's Thesis: students show their ability to work independently on a scientific based medical engineering topic and present their conclusions and own rationale [30 ECTS]