Linz CampusMedical Engineering & Applied Social Sciences

Career Profile

Graduates will be able to apply of the knowledge they have acquired. The enhancement of their scientifically founded professional knowledge in connection with the engineering skills prepares them for leadership functions in medium-sized and larger projects as well as for a further scientific career, for example for doctoral studies. Medical engineers are employed in development, engineering production, and fields of regulatory affairs for the quality control and in the product management. They also serve as qualified advisors and as experts for technical sales and marketing. Health delivery organizations care system need medical engineers for the acquisition, care and maintenance of medical products. Further employers are the certification authorities and research facilities.

Possibilities for employment after graduation

Medical technology companies

  • Engineers for the development and planning of medical-technical equipment and facilities
  • Optimization of products
  • National and international product management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Licensing of medical products (Regulatory Affairs)

Health delivery organizations

  • Integration and installation
  • Acquisition, requesting offers and coordination
  • Care and maintenance of medical equipment, bed systems, housing technology

Planning and consultancy offices, certification authorities

  • Specialists for technical safety and quality
  • Planning equipment and facilities
  • Application engineers
  • Consultants

Research and development

  • Projects in biomechanics, haptics, neuroprosthetics, electronic medicine
  • Non-invasive diagnostics, miniaturized devices for therapeutic applications, rehabilitation systems