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Doctoral Programme (PhD Study)

At universities of applied sciences no doctoral programmes are offered but FH Upper Austria supports doctoral studies in close cooperation with universities and offers a unique support for excellent young researchers.

Admission to a doctoral programme at a university is granted on the basis of the successful completion of a subject-relevant master programme, e.g. Medical Engineering. Contents and requirements of study are specified in curricula with the focus on the doctoral thesis (Dissertation) as the result of independent research. Therefore, close cooperations between FH Upper Austria and several universities are established. The doctoral thesis (Dissertation) typically is an essential part of a joint-research project. The degree programme at the university concludes with the approval of the dissertation and with a comprehensive doctoral examination (Rigorosum) or a defensio.

The FH Upper Austria offers a special dissertation programme to support excellent young researchers:


Universities, where graduates of the master's programme Medical Engineering, successfully passed their doctoral study:

  • Johannes Kepler University
  • TU Wien
  • Paracelsus Medical Private University (PMU)
  • Ghent University