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Human Services Management and Public Management Bachelor's degree programme, part-time

Public Management

Graduates of the Public Management Bachelor’s degree programme are qualified as management experts in the area of public services. The core of the studies is the acquisition of the in-depth economic and legal qualifications that are required for the effective and efficient provision of services in the public sector. The degree programme gives students comprehensive knowledge of institutional features, ways of doing things and decision-making processes as well as the specific working environments of the public and non-profit sectors. Emphasis is also put on building students’ soft skills.

Human Services Management

Social Services Managers are specialists in the management of social- and healthcare services. The core of this degree programme with a Bachelor’s degree is the acquisition of thorough management competencies with emphasis on the requirements of the social economy. The economic, legal, and social framework of social services is an additional focus of the degree programme. Basic knowledge of the needs of the various target groups plays an important role: the elderly, the disabled, people needing psychosocial support, children, adolescents, or society’s marginalised groups. Emphasis is also put on building students’ soft skills.

Essential Information

Bachelor of Arts in Business (BA)

6 semesters (180 ECTS)

Annual intake:
60 (30 Public Management, 30 Social Services Management)

Mode of study:

Online or in writing by 30th June at latest.

Admission requirements:
University entrance qualifications or the University’s own 2 semester course to qualify for admission
German language competence level C1

Practical placement (360 hours) 5. semester

Related Master's Degree Programme:
Healthcare-, Social- and Public Management

Tuition fees:
Information about tuition fees and ÖH contribution


Head of Studies:
Prof. Dr. Markus Lehner

Programme Administration:
Public Management: Angela Guttenbrunner
Human Services management: Bettina Kristmann

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
School of Medical Engineering and Applied Social Sciences
Garnisonstraße 21
4020 Linz/Austria
Phone: +43 5 0804 52600 (PUMA), +43 5 0804 52400 (SOMA)