Photo competition

Submissions 2015

91 images were submitted to the Photo Competition 2015 which was organized by the International Office at Linz Campus, and the wealth of photos provided our judges with a difficult task. The winners were awarded on 18 March 2016 during the 'International Lunch' at the Campus Linz.

This year's prize winners are:

Category A (students):
1. Platz: Wolkenfront (Las Benitas in Nicaragua) - Paul Prack 
2. Platz: An Apple an Ape and Angkor Wat - David Grad
3. Platz: Governors Island - Christoph Binder

Category B (employees):
1. Platz: See in Lappland - Christian Stark
2. Platz: Girlspower - Roswitha Hölzl
3. Platz: Indian Summer Whites - Karin Eibenberger

Category C (international/exchange students):
1. Platz: My Mind Palace - Maria Stepanova

Below you can convince yourself of this year's submissions' diversity: