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International Days in Social Work 5 - 9 June 2017 | School of Medical Engineering and Applied Social Sciences, Linz

Crossroads in Social Work - Embracing Diversity

As people are becoming increasingly mobile in a globalized world, more and more individuals are finding themselves uprooted and thrown into a completely new environment, struggling to rebuild their existences many times over and to find consistency in the midst of the most radical changes. Globalization has ushered in an age of vastly increased diversity – for some, a spectre of limitless proportions…for others, a welcome chance to clearly recognize, beyond all differences, that which is essentially human. What can social work do to help people embrace their fellow human beings, to embrace the diversity of humankind?

The Department of Social Work and the International Office Linz are inviting teachers and students to join us for a 5-day programme of lectures, workshops and cultural activities - offering everyone chance to meet people from different countries and to look at Social Work from an international and intercultural perspective. In addition, we will visit social organisations active in a variety of different areas, such as child and family welfare, immigration or homelessness.


Students who join and complete the programme will receive up to 2 ECTS.


To apply for the International Days, please fill in the registration form and send it to

The application deadline is January 31st, 2017.


Students: Tentative reservations at a low-priced hotel/guest house have been made. Moreover, "students stay with students" might be arranged upon request.

Teachers: Linz offers a variety of hotels at different price levels. Please book your hotel room on your own. Upon request we will gladly suggest a few hotels.

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