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International Days in Social Work 4 - 8 June 2018 | School of Medical Engineering and Applied Social Sciences, Linz

Crossroads in Social Work - Meeting the challenges of a new era?

The horrors of both World Wars are still present in the social work profession´s open attachment to the Declaration of Human Rights and its establishment of a Global Definition. Warfare on a global scale has taught us, at least philosophically, to question authority as a concept…and the postmodern condition of the individual has been conducive to questioning the idea of Western grand narratives. These narratives might affect our telling of history, our dealings in politics, our exchange of goods, services, knowledge, our (global) economy, even each individual in the sense that the lack of a grand narrative can leave an identity fragmented or isolated. Thus, the postmodern era may have produced disoriented, disjointed individuals, many of them in search of social inclusion.

As early as 1995, the landscape gardener and urban planner Tom Turner suggested that “the built environment professions are witnessing the gradual dawn of a post-Postmodernism that seeks to temper reason with faith”. He argued in favor of “timeless” design, of “archetypical” arrangements in the Jungian sense…in a way, a return to the idea of essential human qualities and preferences, but, this time around, without decisive moral judgment. A range of others have pointed out that the postmodern era seems to have been supplanted by a different attitude….as social work practitioners, are we aware of this shift as well? And if so, which of our current challenges could be seen as expressions of a new era? Most importantly, are we well-equipped to handle them? 

The Department of Social Work and the International Office Linz are inviting teachers and students to join us for a 5-day programme of lectures, workshops and cultural activities – offering everyone the chance to meet people from different countries and to look at Social Work from an international and intercultural perspective. In addition, we will visit social organisations active in a variety of different areas, such as child and family welfare, immigration or homelessness. 

Students who join and complete the programme will receive up to 2 ECTS.

Cultural Trip (optional)

On Monday, 4 June 2018, join us to the UNESCO World Heritage region of Dachstein - Salzkammergut. After a guided tour through the impressive Ice Caves, we’ll visit the 5fingers viewing platform on top of the Dachstein Mountain, which offers you a spectacular view over the inner Salzkammergut region. Later we’ll spend some time in the ancient salt mine village Hallstatt before returning back to Linz by bus.


Sorry, the application for this year is closed already. If you are interested in this event you might consider attending in 2019 - next year the event will take place June 3 - June 7, 2019.

Participation Fee

Participation fee for the International Days (5 – 8 June 2018): 50,-- Euro per student and lecturer. The fee will cover costs such as welcome and farewell lunch/dinner, weekly-pass for public transport Linz, etc.

Participation fee for the optional cultural trip to Hallstatt/Dachstein mountain (4 June 2018): 30,-- Euro/student and 50,-- Euro/lecturer.

Travel costs, costs for lodging and meals (apart of the welcome and farewell dinner) are to be covered by the participants.


Students: Currently, the cheapest and most convenient way of staying in Linz are through Airbnb. Please book your stay individually.

Teachers: Linz offers a variety of hotels at different price levels. Please book your hotel room on your own. Upon request we will gladly suggest a few hotels.