Photo competition

Submissions 2019

87 images were submitted to the Photo Competition 2019 which was organized by the International Office at Linz Campus, and the wealth of photos provided our judges with a difficult task. The winners were awarded on 7 June 2019 during the 'Farewell Lunch' of the International Days in Social Work.

This year's prize winners are:

Category A (students):
1. Platz: School visit in Emali (Kenia) - Daniel Nachum, Social Work
2. Platz: Deserts Sports (USA) - Lukas Mitterlehner, Medical Engineering
3. Platz: Spiegelung (Finland) - Andreas Esterer, Social Work

Category B (employees):
1. Platz: Tauko means "Break" (Finland) - Maria Leßlhumer
2. Platz: Library Helsinki (Finland) - Sonja Anzinger
3. Platz: Vogelparkplatz in Den Haag (The Netherlands) - Franziska Cecon

Special prize: Wiedersehen macht Freu(n)de! - Martina Zuljevic

Below you can see the winner pictures of the photo competition 2019: