Linz – a fun-loving cultural capital in the heart of Europe

Linz, the capital of Upper Austria, hosts 8 universities and 200.000 inhabitants. The city is located in the heart of one of the most prosperous regions of Europe.

Linz is characterized by baroque architecture as well as by space for innovative ideas for the knowledge society of the future. Its gastronomy offers everything from quaint street cafés in the summer to traditional Austrian coffeeshops and trendy urban bars. In Linz, an open metropolitan attitude meets the coziness of small structures. The fact that it was the European Capital of Culture in 2009 is testimony to the rich cultural life of this city, as well as to its mentality of being an open meeting place.

Linz hosts universities with many different academic backgrounds – it is definitely the right place to study in an interdisciplinary manner.

Landscapes and sights such as the crystal-clear lakes of the Salzkammergut region or the alps can be reached in less than an hour. Just north of the city limits, the beautiful Mühlviertel beckons outdoor sports enthusiasts.

For students, Linz means mainly one thing besides studying: quality of life!