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Partner university from Belgium visits Hagenberg Campus

  From 9 to the 12 of March a group of 43 students from our partner university PXL Hogeschool including Professor Johan Cleuren (IT Professor & international coordinator), Steven Palmaers (Software Engineer, Researcher) and Servaas Tilkin (Software Engineer) visited the FH Upper Austria, School of Informatics, Communications and Media in Hagenberg. The reason for the drop-by was…  Read more

New Partner University in Tokyo

  Since January this year our Wels Campus master´s students in the “Eco-Energy Engineering” and “Sustainable Energy Systems” programmes have had the opportunity to spend their semester abroad and complete their master´s thesis at the Tokyo University of Science (TUS) in Japan. Each study year up to four students get the chance to spend their exchange semester at the TUS. The…  Read more

Supply Chain Management - Visiting Professor from Lehigh University

  Professor Zach G. Zacharia visited the research department for Supply Chain Management (SCM) at the Logistikum of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria from 1 – 12 March. Zacharia is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management at the College of Business Administration and Economics at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania / USA.   He teaches graduate classes…  Read more

Steyr Campus welcomes 73 new incoming students

  This week 73 new incoming students (thereof  8 double degree students) from 26 nations have arrived in Steyr and are starting their semester at the School of Management. The following nations are represented: USA, UK, China, Ecuador, Finland, France, Georgia, Ireland, Japan, Canada, Kazakhstan, Colombia, South Korea, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia,…  Read more

CT-experts come to FH Upper Austria Wels Campus

  Computer tomography (CT) is used extensively in the medical field. However, for over a decade now, this technology has also been used by the industry: given that the radiation level has no impact on dead material, this has opened up new dimensions. For the sixth time now, the FH Upper Austria has invited international experts to Wels. The conference on “Industrial Computer…  Read more

VIP visit from Korea at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Steyr School of Management

  On 20 January 2016  Prof. Dr. Jong - Hwan Ko, Division of International and Area Studies Director , Center for EU Relations , from the Pukyong National University visited the Steyr School of Management of Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. Professor Ko is a highly reputed economist and expert on European Studies, who has published more than 100 publications in the…  Read more

To help astronauts to shake their legs after the landing: Medical Engineering Master student participates in NASA-Project

  When astronauts return to earth after a trip to outer space, they experience irritations in their musculoskeletal system due to the long period in weightless surroundings.  Which processes the human brain has to manage and which counteractive measures can be found is the subject of a research project at the renowned Baylor College of Medicine in Houston/Texas (USA). Jasmin…  Read more

In one evening around the world at Hagenberg Campus

  On 26 November the bi-annual international evening took place in Hagenberg. Our regular and international students exchanged experiences and presented their local food, music, dances and games from their home countries. Traditional food and drinks from more than 15 nations were presented by our international students and enjoyed by all attendees.  Take a look at some…  Read more

FH Upper Austria as role model for Singapore

  eDue to the introduction and development of a university of applied sciences sector in Singapore, a delegation of the Singapore Institiute of Technology (SIT) visited the FH Upper Austria School of Informatics, Communications & Media in Hagenberg as well as the School of Engineering & Environmental Sciences in Wels on a fact-finding mission. The government of Singapore…  Read more

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