FH Upper AustriaUniversity of Applied Sciences

Interreg - International Workshop CLIL Content and Language Integrated Learning

21st June 2018University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Hagenberg Campus

We are pleased to announce the 2nd International Workshop session of the Interreg project “Content and Language integrated Learning”, in short CLIL.

This project seeks to achieve functional proficiency in the foreign language, enabling technical students to mastering subject content in accordance with their curriculum.The special focus is on the effective implementation of the CLIL method in four technical degree programmes (mechanical engineering, logistics, civil engineering and informatics) in the German, Czech and English language. By integrating foreign language elements in teaching, it is sought to strengthen the linguistic and intercultural competencies of students and prepare future graduates in the best possible way for cross-border work in local companies. By involving experts from the local economy and industry, current needs of the local industry and work requirements of an increasingly dynamic business world in the Austrian-Czech cross-border region are identified. This knowledge helps to further improve tertiary education and to adapt existing curricula to a broader range of skill-sets as well as to continually enhance graduate employability within this region. In doing so, it is intended to contribute to a positive development of the employability of graduates and to counteract the lack of technically trained specialists with suitable foreign language skills in the border region.