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Statements from our ISAE4W Participants

Georgina Abi Sejaan | Holy Spirit University of KaslikParticipant of ISAE4W 2016

“The lectures we took were very interesting and the ones I really liked the most, of course, are the ones related to my major. But it was amazing to have some different courses such as DNA, Market and R&D, which help us to extend our knowledge in different major not only in the major we are studying on. We were girls from different countries, which means different background, different culture, and different point of view. So sharing this difference together help us - and in particularly me – to have an idea about the habits and culture of different countries that is the first time I asked about it and learn some words from different languages. The summer academy was my best experience ever! I will never forget the memories I made it from this academy and of course from Austria. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to participate to it, I really appreciate that.”

Shannon Barrett | Institute of Technology, TallaghtParticipant of ISAE4W 2016

“The past two weeks have been an experience of a lifetime. I have been exposed to subject matters I normally wouldn't at home, these subjects are things I hope to apply to my studies back in Ireland. I have also met 30 girls from all across the world, from all sorts of backgrounds. These girls are the future of engineering and technology and I can't wait to see where their and my future takes us. The scenery has been out of this world. Traunkirchen am Traunsee was absolutely beautiful and something I will remember forever.“

Nayomi Cuevas | Institute of Technology, TallaghtParticipant of ISAE4W 2016

“I attended this program so that I could broaden my knowledge as I pursue the field of engineering for my future endeavors. Overall it was a unique experience and an unforgettable one that is. The world needs to be dominated by female engineers! I will miss you girls! Take care and safe travels. We shall plan a reunion :)"

Laura Eid | Holy Spirit University of KaslikParticipant of ISAE4W 2016

“Attending the ISAE4W was more than I could have expected. It has allowed me to develop my skills and meet engineers from all over the world. Also, it gave me new visions and inspiration to pursue a career in electrical engineering.”

Trishia El Chemaly | Holy Spirit University of KaslikParticipant of ISAE4W 2016

“For the past 2 years, my plan has been to grasp every chance of gaining experience and expand my engineering skills to beyond what is limited by theory. When applying to the ISAE4W, I had in mind to explore engineering in a foreign country, widen my knowledge in engineering, and meet with women engineers from all over the world. This experience has met my expectations and much more. I will be leaving today with not just a deeper knowledge in engineering concepts. I will be leaving with a new view to engineering, a different way of thinking, a more mature mind and daring personality, enhanced communication skills, and last but not least, international friends. ISAE4W, you have offered me essential skills that people often overlook. And for that, I am grateful.”

Anh Pham | Indiana Institute of TechnologyParticipant of ISAE4W 2016

“I chose to come to ISAE4W because I wanted to challenge myself academically as well as broadening my social knowledge outside what I knew solely based on my home country. I also hoped that it would give me more direction in deciding whether to pursue medicine or engineering. My favorite part of the program was being able to see the advances of modern medical technology through the eyes of other countries as well as getting feedback on that technology based upon every field of engineering represented through our ISAE4W group. Most importantly, I'm excited to have gained worldwide connections and friendships as well as an excuse to visit twelve other countries.”

Marta Real-Pérez | University of CórdobaParticipant of ISAE4W 2016

“It was one of the most incredibly experiences that I have ever had in my life.  The course was excellent, study material, lectures and activities were very well organized. But I have to say that the best part of this adventure has been people that took part in it. Thank you very much for this opportunity!”

María Fernanda Gladys Santos Torres | Universidad del DesarrolloParticipant of ISAE4W 2016

 “My experience in ISAEW4 was incredible, because my expectative was entirely surpassed. In the beginning I wanted to take part in this academy for the experience and for to learn more. But addition of that, I could meet nice people, and We could share our experiences and different mores. I could learn a lot and I’m leaving with wonderful memories. Thank you for the opportunity and hope to see you again.”

Emily Anne Seymour | Nova Scotia Community CollegeParticipant of ISAE4W 2016

“As a first time traveller abroad and a woman who has constantly grown up joining male dominated classes, sport & extracurricular activities, it has been a very empowering two weeks. Being able to learn about women's success in the science and engineering fields has been motivation to feel moving forward and set an example for the future generation of girls wanting to join this field. Meeting the amazing group of girls was also the icing on the cake of the best two weeks of my summer.“