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International Summer Academy in Engineering for Women 12th - 22nd July 2016, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Wels Campus

The International Summer Academy for Women in Engineering (ISAE4W) offers an ideal opportunity for a selected group of highly-motivated and talented women (high school, college or undergraduate students) to experience top-class and challenging university-level coursework.

The Academy’s intensive, two-week programme combines sophisticated theory with hands-on practical experience in engineering and natural sciences. In addition to knowledge transfer in these fields, social, cross-cultural and gender aspects are covered and discussed during lectures, seminars and workshops. 

The lectures, laboratories or seminars will cover following specific issues and current trends:

Natural Sciences in Time & Space
>> Development of the natural sciences and world-view from ancient Greece to modern day physics
>> The physics of space travel
>> Observing the universe

Applied Sciences in Theory and Practice
>> Research projects with modern devices and methods at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
>> Career Talks – successful graduates from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria report from their careers in science and technology
>> Group project – leading-edge technologies and their impact on society 
>> Sustainability – the interconnections of different technological systems and considerations about how changes affect these systems
>> OpenLab of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Synthetic Biology
>> Synthetic biology – promises and dangers for society
>> General molecular biology – basic introduction into DNA replication and PCR technology

Interesting Places to Visit
>> Companies: visit to the voestalpine with a tour through the steel production site
>> Museums: Ars Electronica Center – museum for information technology and technological advancements in society
>> Cultural highlights in Upper Austria: 30th Pflasterspektakel  (street performance festival in Linz)

Specific Topics 
>> Intercultural communication and the role of women in science and research 
>> From the business idea to the successful company

In addition, the participants will have an ongoing project throughout the entire academy. The project will encompass scientific and technological aspects as well as creativity and social impact.

A team of highly qualified academic staff from our university as well as from other universities and organisations will provide scientific and technical background on workshop topics and information about the role of women in science and their opportunities in scientific careers.

Why participate?

  • Improve language und intercultural skills
  • International contacts
  • Broaden technical and scientific knowledge
  • Creativity, fun and experience
  • Earn academic credit

Target group

  • women from 18 to 25

Language of instruction

  • English


University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
School of Engineering
Stelzhamerstraße 23
4600 Wels/Austria


€ 780,- including tuition fees,  room for the entire stay, meals on weekdays (weekends are free for individual activities), numerous excursions