Adobe Creative Cloud

Students at the FH Upper Austria have the opportunity to purchase one of 500 available Adobe Creative Cloud licenses from the FH Upper Austria at the special price of € 77.00 - valid until November 19, 2021. > Read more


Students of the FH Upper Austria have the possibility to purchase selected software licenses at low prices via the ACOmarket Student Shop.The licenses listed therein are constantly adapted. > Read more


Eduroam stands for EDUcation ROAMing and realizes this motto with an association of many organizations all over Europe and beyond, in order to make internet available to all members at their own locations via wireless LAN. > Read more

Office 365

With your login data from the FH Upper Austria, you automatically have access to the Office 365 Education service. > Read more

Microsoft Teams

At the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Microsoft Teams was introduced as a collaboration and communication solution for all employees, lecturers and students. This supports both distance learning and internal communication. > Read more


The u: book campaign was launched in the summer semester of 2008 and was initiated by the University of Vienna. These are high-quality business notebooks with an extensive range of services for students, employees and organizational units from numerous Austrian universities. > Read more