Welcome, students from Ukraine!

Have a look, what you need to get accepted at one of our Bachelor's or Master's Degree Programmes at our university:

Entry Requirements


Option 1

Secondary school diploma ("Атестат про повню загальну середню освіту", придбаний до і включно 2011),

Final school grades transcript (табель підсумкових оцінок успішності) and confirmation of 2 years successful studying from a recognised University in Ukraine or the CIS-countries. 

Option 2

Secondary school diploma  ("Атестат про повню загальну середню освіту", придбаний з 2012),
Final school grades transcript (табель підсумкових оцінок успішності) and confirmation of 1 year successful studying from a recognised University in Ukraine or the CIS-countries.

Option 3


Диплом кваліфікованого робітника,

Final school grades transcript (табель підсумкових оцінок успішності) and confirmation of 2 years successful studying from a recognised University in Ukraine the CIS-countries.

Option 4

Диплом молодшого спеціаліста,

Final school grades transcript (табель підсумкових оцінок успішності) and confirmation of 1 year successful studying from a recognised University in Ukraine or the CIS-countries.


Minimum requirement is a completed Bakalavr degree, 4 years minimum. It must be a degree from a recognised University in Ukraine (this will be also audited by the study programme administrator).

For all other diplomas, please contact us.

Language Requirements

Applicants from abroad prove their proficiency in the language(s) of instruction at the time of their application. Depending on the degree programme, language certificates for German (at least B2) or English (B2 certificates: Toefl 78-109, IELTS 5.0-6.5, FCE grade B or C, CAE 45-59) must be presented.

International Foundation Programme

If you don't have the necessary (language) skills yet, or miss sufficient credits in mathematics/phiysics/English for selected sudy degree programmes, FH Upper Austria is happy to offer you an International Foundation Programme. Students will be enrolled as external students during the time of programme. This allows for obtaining visa and student residence permit.


It is your responsibility as a student to take care of visa arrangements. As soon as you receive your Letter of Acceptance, please get an appointment at the Austrian embassy in Kiew. If you intend to stay for one semester only, it is sufficient to apply for a Visa D (for stays up to 6 month). Degree-seeking students apply for a Residence Permit (for stays of more than 6 months) right from the beginning.

Ukrainians can issue a visa type D in Ukraine through the Austrian Embassy in Kiev. Then, upon arrival to Austria, a regular student can issue an Aufenthaltstitel at the local Magistrat, which will be based on the documents, used for visa D. Application for Aufenthaltstitel costs 160 EUR. It is valid for one year, and should be prolonged afterwards.

The following documents (if applicable) must be submitted for a residence permit:

      1.      Valid passport (passport must be valid for at least three months beyond date of return)

2.      Copies of previous passports

3.      Consular fee: 160 EUR

4.      Application form, completed and signed (available only in German on the Website of the    

         Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior)

5.      One recent picture (45 x 35 mm, passport format, colour, front view)

6.      Original or notarized copy of birth certificate including apostille

7.      Original Certificate of Good Conduct/Criminal Record with Apostille 

         (available at local police station; not older than three months)

8.      OÖGKK Versicherung (read §3 “Insurance”)

9.      Proof of sufficient financial means (e.g. scholarship, letter of grants, bank statement of last two months,

         other proof of income)

10.    Proof of registration in Austria (Meldezettel)

11.    Confirmation of admission by the university

12.    Current Study Sheet (Studienbuchblatt) 

13.    Students who complete a pre-study course must additionally provide proof of Admission to a regular

        course of study within 2 years

Please note: All foreign documents can only be accepted with German legally-certified translation and some of them need an Apostille.

Please contact the Austrian Embassy in Kiev to find out more. 


Students with Aufenthaltstitel are allowed to work not more than 20 hours/week. 


Begin group educational Fair in Kiev on 22.10.19.

What our students from Ukraine say...


Student Ambassador

Nationality: UKRAINIAN
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German

I am a graduate GSM-Master student at the School of Management in Steyr. I have made my exchange semester in the USA in the framework of an MBA Double-Degree Programme. Also, it's already my 3d year of life in Austria. So, I know how important support is when one moves to a new country. And I am here to provide the newcomers and prospective students with help and pieces of advice throughout your application process and further preparation. I like travelling, meeting new people, cultures and stepping out of the comfort zone. I practice yoga and cook a lot (as most of the international students here). If you feel like becoming a part of the Austrian student community, don't hesitate to ask me any questions. I will be happy to help!


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